Artist profile: Morgan Fyfe

Oxford native, Morgan Fyfe, is an up-and-coming artist whose work has risen in popularity since last spring.

“I moved (my art) into three places this summer, talked to galleries and went to an art walk in Alabama,” Fyfe said.

Fyfe credits the Oxford community with her success and said it’s why her work is being displayed at Cups, a local coffee shop.

“Oxford has been pivotal in the beginning of my art career,” she said. She’s been encouraged and inspired by the community.

Fyfe has been an artist since she was a child, but didn’t do her first commissioned work until college.

“Everyone, in the beginning, went out on such a limb for me, and I see that now looking back,” she said. “They saw one painting that I did. They believed in me so much, and they didn’t even know me very well. That’s humbling.”

Fyfe is also inspired by artists like Britt Bass.

“I really love her freedom in her pieces,” she said. “I just feel like she does what she wants.”

You can find Fyfe’s artwork on display at Kaleidoscope, Creme De La Creme and Cups in Oxford.

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