Protesters call Ole Miss ‘racist’ for eliminating traditional symbols


Two men led a peaceful demonstration against government issues and what they believe is racism on a West Jackson Avenue sidewalk in Oxford last week.

The protesters held confederate flags and signs that read: “Where is America?” and “White Guilt = Black Genocide” printed in red. They said they were protesting for the equality of all races.

Both said they believe that the Confederate flag, Colonel Reb and Confederate Drive on the Ole Miss campus are not racist, but historical symbols that should be preserved and allowed. They feel the university has become more “racist” by eliminating them.

The group has peacefully protested many times to raise awareness about their beliefs. Ole Miss continues to face controversy with symbols that represent Southern pride and tradition to some and racism to others, proving that Oxford is a town with historical tensions that linger under the surface.

– Shelby Louwerens

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