Tennis manager passionate about sport


Alex Gonzalez

As a young boy, Jacob Fusia learned that tennis is a game of intense focus and discipline. Today, he’s the head manager for the Ole Miss Men’s Tennis Team, and still has a fiery passion for the game.

“You cannot let anything affect you on the court,” he said. “If you lost the last point, you have to forget about it and be ready for the next one.”

Born in Charlottesville, Virginia, Fusia learned how to play tennis with his mother on clay courts at a local country club at age 4. That was when he fell in love with the game.

“I remember not wanting to take a bath and wash my feet because they still had clay on them, and I thought that was so cool,” Fusia said.

Now, Fusia strings rackets, films practice and tries to do anything the coaches ask.  He’s also an enthusiastic and vocal fan on the sidelines.

“I love watching tennis,” he said, “and if I can cheer them on and  give them a little bit more energy for their next serve then I will do it.”

Not everything is fun and games. Sometimes the job can be stressful. Fusia said the worst part of the job is doing the players dirty laundry.

“I have a tough time doing my own laundry, so I don’t really want to do anybody else’s,” he said.

Fusia said he’s created some great friendships with some of the players and appreciates how the game has brought them together.

“Our team is a very fun and diverse group,” he said. “You never know what’s going to happen when we get together.”

Fusia is preparing for the upcoming season. The tennis team will begin practicing in October.

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