Singer, songwriter ‘Echoes’ through Oxford

Morgan Pennington writing a new song.

Morgan Pennington writing a new song.

Merrill Robbins

Performers Morgan Pennington and Winn McElroy of the band “And the Echo” will be playing at the Oxford Courthouse this Friday at 6 p.m.

“We’re hoping that with the massive crowd coming into Oxford for the Alabama football game that we will get recognition from Ole Miss fans as well as Alabama fans,” said Pennington. “We have a show in Birmingham coming up in November, so it will be interesting to see if we will have people returning to see us in November.”

Pennington released her EP Wolves in April 2014 in hopes of moving to Los Angeles and beginning a new life outside of Mississippi. Her dreams of starting life over in L.A. diminished as Mississippians fell in love with her album and the stories that she told through her music, and she decided to stay.

A Mississippi native from Pascagoula and University of Mississippi graduate, Pennington has always been involved with Mississippi culture. After graduation, she worked as a secretary for Oxford Mayor Pat Patterson two years before changing career paths to pursue music.

“I’ve always been influenced by music, and four years ago, I began playing guitar,” Pennington said. “There is so much activity in Oxford it was easy to find things to write about.”

Her EP Wolves was produced and created in Black Wings Studios with band partner Winn McElroy. After the release of her EP, Pennington and McElroy collaborated and created “And the Echo,” an electronic pop band playing all over the Southeast.

“Morgan has been writing new songs for “And the Echo” all summer long, and they are hoping to launch a new EP soon,” said Grace Ayer, Pennington’s roommate. “They have worked hard to get exposure across the South all summer long and hope to get exposure from Ole Miss students this fall.”

McElroy is the owner, engineer, producer, mixer and housekeeper of Black Wings Studio in Water Valley.

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