Ole Miss fans pray for tents on GameDay

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Nathan Loe

The Grove will be packed this weekend, so good luck getting a tent.

College GameDay, a feature program on ESPN, will be making its first trip to the Grove in the 21 seasons it has been on the air.  This means fans may find it hard to secure a tent for tailgating.

A time-honored tradition at Ole Miss is the race for tent setup the night before the game. People pay spot-savers and outside companies to reserve and setup tents around the Grove and the Circle.

“With the size of the stage and estimations that I have been shown, we can expect around 100 tents will have to relocate to make room for GameDay,” said said Louis Carr, founder and co-owner of Grove Masters, a well known Grove services company.

One major portion of the College GameDay experience is a massive stage, as well as sound and video equipment that have priority setup in the Grove, leaving a good amount of people with no where to tailgate.

So if you thought tent setup was competitive before, this weekend is going to be a record breaker. With two undefeated teams going head to head, the people of Oxford can and should prepare for the possible 64,000 total attendees on Saturday.

Louis keeps his cool though. He assures his clients that they will be pleased despite chaotic conditions.

“No one can ever promise anything 100 percent, and the Grove has a strict “first come, first serve” policy that will make games like Alabama hard already,” he said. “But with GameDay coming to Oxford. it looks like we are going to have a war on our hands Friday night.”

The Grove opens up for tent setup at 8 p.m. Friday for those that want to try their luck or just watch the chaos unfold.

“It is going to make my life pretty hard for the week,” said Carr, “but I have no doubt that we can expect one of the biggest and most elaborate turnouts that Oxford has ever seen. Expect craziness folks.”

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