Student from Ecuador finds second home at Ole Miss

Emily Jameson

Mica Endura voyaged to the US from Quito, Ecuador, to spend her college career in search of a cultural change, and to explore her independence.

Endura on a roof top in Ecuador. Courtesy of Mica Endura.

Endura moved here her freshman year of college to attend the University of Mississippi, where her brother attended. She was homesick and experienced culture, shock, adventure, and lots of change her first year in the US. Now that she’s adapted, she’s in love with America.

“I love everything about this country,” said the sophomore, studying finance and Italian. “My favorite has to be the people. They are easy going and open-minded. Americans just go with it.”

Endura misses her family farm, her grandma’s ceviche, and the beach in Ecuador. She still gets homesick like her peers, but gets to go home less. Even then, she said she wouldn’t trade her international college experience for anything.

Mica’s grandmother cooking. Courtesy of Mica Endura.

The United States, however, was not what Endura expected. It took her a few months, but she finally adjusted.

Getting involved on campus helped. Endura rushed a sorority, joined the Italian club, and helps with Green Grove at football games.

When she first arrived in the United States, she was surprised by the casual way of dress here.

“In Ecuador, we look our best for all occasions,” Endura said. “Here, people dress a lot more laid back. They don’t dress to impress unless it’s a weekend.”

Culture and language fascinate Endura. She is fluent in Spanish, English, Italian and French. She wants to finish her college degree here in the United States.

After graduation, she wants to move back to Ecuador, work with an accounting firm, and someday raise a family.

“I love the United States,” she said. “It is a wonderful experience for my life. However, it appears to me that it is very important to remember my culture in Ecuador and Latin America.

“I love this country, I enjoy a lot of my stay here, but I do plan on returning to Ecuador to finish my life.”

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