Ole Miss Track Team member works on and off the court

FullSizeRenderDeanna Tate

Fabia McDonald has been a pentathlete for the University of Mississippi Track and Field Team for four years. Off the track, she is a volunteer, mentor and influential person to those younger than her.

“She is like a big sister, and she’s always happy when we go to do our volunteer work,” said D’lacia McKinnley. “That makes me happy seeing her like that.”

McDonald volunteers throughout Oxford. She recently participated in a field day for the Oxford School District.

It’s something she participates in every year, and she encourages her team to join in and help with the younger children.

McDonald said works off the track because she feels like it can help younger children. She thinks it’s important for the Oxford community to have young adults from the university inspire the children, who look forward to seeing the athletes speak and help with homework.

“We gave them a sample of what our day looks like at 6 a.m. by showing them drills and getting their blood running,” McDonald said.

As a leader, McDonald tries to remain positive with smiles and encouragement for her teammates.

“Oxford is not very big compared to a lot of places,” she said. “But there are so many people to have a positive impact on. Can you imagine what it would be like if people worked on helping others and being positive?”

Mcdonald is preparing for her final track season. She continues to serve and volunteer.

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