Baptist Student Union serves community, world

Matt Barnthouse

An Ole Miss student’s volunteer efforts went global this past summer.

Kaylee Morgan, who works with the freshmen at the Baptist Student Union,  went on a mission trip to the southern Philippines.

“My team lived in three different baragauys (villages) along the Dolores River,” Morgan said. “During our time in each village, we did house to house ministry, led Bible studies, planted churches, and learned more about the people and the culture we were surrounded by.”


Kaylee Morgan (center) works with children in the Philippines. In addition to her summer mission trip, Morgan also works with the Freshmen in the Baptist Student Union at Ole Miss. / PHOTO PROVIDED BY KAYLEE MORGAN

Morgan said it is hard to measure success when referring to a mission trip.

“Success, as defined by scripture, is so radically different than how our culture has defined it,” she said.

“Yes, we saw people come to the Lord, but I don’t think that’s what constitutes success in the Christian walk. We were obedient, and obedience is the only measure of success or failure God’s word offers us,” she said.

The mission trip gave Morgan a new perspective.

“So often, we try and earn our salvation with good works or church attendance or even mission trips,” Morgan said. “But when we come face to face with the reality of our depravity, we have to recognize that we can do nothing for ourselves.”

Morgan said became involved with the Baptist Student Union during her freshman year because she “could have community and fellowship” with other Christians.

She spends “a few” hours per day at the BSU, often just “hanging out,” but once a week, she has a leadership meeting and serves during the BSU’s “Main Event” on Tuesdays.

Morgan also helps plan a welcome weekend for freshmen at the beginning of each school year, as well as organizes Bible studies, helps train leaders, and plans various freshmen events throughout the year.

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