Profile: Emily Wikle volunteers to help children


Emily Jameson

Emily Wikle, a senior at Ole Miss, is an example of a community servant. She serves her community by volunteering at North Mississippi Regional Center, coaching their special needs cheerleading team.

She also serves as the philanthropy chair for the Columns Society, raising money for various service organizations, and she volunteers at More Than a Meal.

Wikle spends a majority of her time volunteering with children. She wants to be a teacher after she graduates in May.

“The most rewarding part of coaching the special needs girls on my cheer squad is when they smile,” she said. “You can’t help but be happy when you see these individuals working hard and having fun.”

Wikle enjoys bonding with the girls on her cheer team, and attempts to visit them in their classrooms at least once a week to encourage them both academically and in cheering.

“Volunteering brings me purpose,” she said. “When I do something for others, it brings me joy.”

Wikle couldn’t stop smiling when discussing how she raised $5,000 dollars for Rhythm Pax with the Columns Society last year. This organization donates therapeutic instruments to children’s hospitals.

Wikle loves to serve her community, and doubts this characteristic will ever change.


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