Oxford Fire Department serves the community

IMG_5089By Johnny Neumann

Captain Kenny Tidwell, 52, Lieutenant Eric Thweatt, 36, and fireman Tony Vaughn, 36, are passionate, proud, and humbled to be part of the brotherhood of firemen.

They’re the first responders on most calls reacting quickly to help others.

In the mornings at the Oxford Fire Department, there is a truck check-off to make sure air bottles are full and all equipment working correctly. Station 4 has a three-member crew.

“It’s like an instinct,” said Kenny. “When people don’t know who to call, they call us.”


After the check-off, the crew that works 24 hours on and 48 hours off, works out with weights and the treadmill to stay in shape.

“Then, it’s time for class where we study to stay current with small medical training, CPR, and other emergency medical response issues that might have changed or been updated,” said Vaughn.

Depending on the day, the firemen wash the truck, clean the firehouse, wash windows and wash floors.

Most of the calls they receive are accident-related. If they hear the words “Rescue 3,” they know a car accident has occurred, and they spring into action.

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