Rebs remain undefeated


By Deanna Tate

Something special has been the topic of people’s conversations in the state of Mississippi.

The University of Mississippi Football team is undefeated after competing against teams like Texas A&M and the University of Alabama this year after losing to them last year’s football season.

The Ole Miss Football Team has developed into a better playing team since last year, and there are many things that have contributed to this.

This year’s team has new comer’s like Ken Webster, Rodderick Taylor, and Marquis Pratt making impacts to help stay undefeated by highly-ranked team. Along with new freshman, they have sophomores who are making impacts too like Quincy Adeboyjoe.

In the Rebels most recent football game against the Aggies, Ole Miss forced three turnovers to defeat A&M.

Ole Miss defense, known as “The Landsharks”  is one of the top ranked defenses in the nation right now. Because of players like Mike Hilton, Tony Conner, Trea Elston and more.

“This has been the best season for the D. I’m lovin’ what I seen so far cause the Rebs only gone get better for here on out,” said George Welgon, a fan for 21 years.

“I think we have what it takes to go all the way to the national championship,” said running back I’tavious Mathers. “We have really been working to get there. That is the one of the goals for our team,”

Coach Hugh Freeze has developed the phase “All In,” meaning he wants every single one of his players to be “all in” on and off the field. He wants them to represent Ole Miss football in a positive way.

“Earlier in the year, we had a ceremony where we received wristbands,” said Mathers. “It was a good way to start off the season, with the same common goal.”

Ole Miss is the only football team right now that has not allowed a team to score more than 20 points.

“I can honestly tell you I thought it would be a blow out,” said Carter Yhuaz, a fan of 12 years. “I knew we were good but not that good. They are something special this year.”

Each of the games have been a sold out game, and it will stay that way for the rest of the home games this season.

Ole Miss is not the only team to be undefeated in Mississippi. Mississippi State University is also undefeated.

The Rebels and the Bulldogs will meet to compete against each other the day after Thanksgiving in the Egg Bowl.

One team will no longer be undefeated.

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