Homeward Bound service cares for area pets

IMG_5602By Deanna Tate

Taking care of your dogs while away from home has become easier.

Homeward Bound, owned by Kellie Owens, allows pet lovers to leave home for hours at a time and not have to worry about coming to check on their animals. Homeward Bound comes to their homes to help feed, play and groom dogs while the owners are gone.

They believe pets should be spoiled and taken care of at all times, and they treat each pet in a unique way.

“Every pet is different, just like humans,” said Crystal Lowe, pet owners and nanny. “They can’t all be treated the same.”

Kellie was inspired by a cat she rescued named CeCe.

In 2006, she created Homeward Bound, an in-home pet care service for pets and their parents.

“They’re very reliable, friendly and convenient, and they offer a great service at an affordable price,” said Brooke O’Bald, a customer for two years.

Bri Chrimes said it’s about trust.

“I trust them with all five of my pets,” said Chrimes, a customer of three years. “They have done a great job, and I love the prices.”

Owens staff includes Maria Gress, Paige Hammer, Angelica Crowell, Angie Brummett, Bessy Musselwhite and Alisha Tucker. They all share a common interest, which is their urge to love and care for their animals, but most importantly others’ animals.

Homeward Bound is located on 426 South Lamar Boulvard #6 in Oxford. Office hours are by appointment only.

To make an appointment, visit their website at


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