Liquor stores love football season


By Cody Spears

Liquor stores get quite a rush during football season. Especially for the bigger home games.

B & B Liquors came to Oxford in 2012, and Keith Moore has been a manger since it opened. He said sales fluctuate during football season.

“All the home games this year have been crazy compared to past years,” said Moore, who said he’s noticed a difference in sales during football and baseball season.

“Nothing compares to the sales during football season,” he said. “Baseball season more people are buying beer because it is summer.”

B & B is one of the few liquor stores that does not sell to restaurants or local bars.

Vodka is the top seller. Whiskey is second. “Vodka, whiskey, rum and wine in that order are how are sales go,” Moore said.

Tom Edwards, of West Jackson Wine and Spirits, said vodka is also a top seller at his business.
IMG_1672West Jackson Wine and Spirits came to Oxford in 2005 after the owners retired and moved from Alabama.

“We are a family liquor store,” Edwards said, adding that the business is run by family members.

He said sales go up during home game weeks just like they did for B & B.

“Mondays are my slowest day, but by Wednesday, people start buying in bulk to stock up for the weekend,” Edwards said, explaining how his sales vary between home and away games.

“Alabama game, I made $20,000 dollars in 12 hours,” Edwards said. “LSU away game, I only made $4,000.”

On the actual Alabama game day, Moore brought in $60,000 plus dollars.

“They come here to get their liquor, and right next door, to get their beer,” Edwards said. “It helps having a beer store right next door to you.”
Sales for both businesses slow during the summer, but not as much as you might think.

They have enough regulars to keep the sales up while the students are away. The stores offer military and police discounts, as well as discounts for students, the Ole Miss Alumni Association, and the chamber of commerce.

“Because we do discounts for all these people, we keep our traffic up that way,” Edwards said. “We are the only liquor store in town that does student discounts.”
This store is one of the few that sells to local restaurants, such as, Chili’s and Buffalo Wild Wings.

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