Opinion: Movie review of ‘Beyond the Lights’

By Deanna Tate

Beyond the Lights was released in November starring Gugu Prince-Bythewood and Nate Parker, known as Noni and Kaz in the movie.

Gugu plays a young superstar singer that is on edge until she meets Nate. Nate is a young cop who saves her life and helps her find herself after she tries to commit suicide on a balcony after an award ceremony.

The movie reveals how people from different background bond and fall in love. It is a “chick flick,” but it has a love story that will make anyone who loves love smile.

Noni humbled herself and began dating Kaz after he saved her life. He saw something in her that no one else did, and that is what she fell in love with.

From the beginning of the movie, Noni’s mother is very hard on her and wants to run her life due to her mother’s past. She received no help from her family when she had Noni at a young age.

Noni’s mother was the reason for her downfall and depression. She was not able to develop her own voice and become the artist she wanted to be until she met Kaz. His morals and standards rubbed off on Noni to help her find herself.

I think the turning point and best part of the movie was when Kaz took her away from Hollywood, and they ended up in Mexico. She was able to be herself without cameras following her around every corner, until someone recorded her singing karaoke. The next day, cameras and her bossy mother were at the door.

It was a happily-ever-after ending because Noni ends up finding herself. She releases an album with a song she made herself and becomes the artist she was meant to be.

This movie represented how peer pressure can ruin a person, but it also represents how love and care help.

Opening weekend, “Beyond The Lights” made 6.5 million at the box office.


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