Opinion: For a healthy food alternative, try The Grill at 1810

The Grill at 1810, though a great healthy option, lacks the crowd its quality deserves

The Grill at 1810, though a great healthy option, lacks the crowd its quality deserves

By Nathan Loe

Oxford, like much of the South, is known for its incredible food. Around every corner is another well-hidden barbecue restaurant or a a five-star quality restaurant near the Square.

In addition to the locally started delicatessens around town, there are also plenty of fast food options.

With all of these options the typical consumer may find themselves in a state of paralysis, but when considering your health, where should you turn? People in this town hold appearance in a very high regard and go to great lengths to decorate their homes and apartments. Shouldn’t the same care be shown to your body? You live in it everyday.

Frank Newell is a nutritionist at Ole Miss and has played a pivotal role in making The Grill at 1810 a reality over the last year. What was a healthy cafeteria alternative for athletes is now open to the general public, but for some reason, it has not been well visited, Newell said.

“I think awareness is something we need to get out there, marketing and making the name known, obviously,” he said. “From a health standpoint, you can find everything you need here.”

The restaurant boasts an all-you-can-eat-style of dining while maintaining quality. What most of the population doesn’t realize is that it is open to everyone and is actually pretty affordable considering the possible portions.

Dinner costs $18.50, but when considering that steak is not just an option, but a repeatable entree, the value of the meal goes up substantially.

Another unknown feature is that, as a customer, you aren’t limited to what you see out already for serving. There are professional chefs there who will cook for you specifically if you have a request.

“They’ll take orders,” said Newell. “They’ll grill burgers. They’ll grill chicken. They’ll do whatever you ask for it, and they will try to get it set up for you. It’s really great.”

Frank Newell is a Nutritionist at Ole Miss, as well as a spokesman for the Grill at 1810

Frank Newell is a Nutritionist at Ole Miss, as well as a spokesman for the Grill at 1810

Considering that most food options in Oxford consider grease a side dish, you may want to consider giving this restaurant a try. All the food comes from fresh and natural ingredients, with a full salad bar and plenty of healthy food options.

A healthy diet is the one surefire way to lose weight without stressing over diet fads. Keeping good quality foods in your system will help you burn fat and give you more energy throughout the day.

Newell offered a few tips to keep in mind when structuring your own diet.

“It’s all about your particular needs,” he said. “Depending on your activity levels throughout the day, you may need more or less of some things. General rules of thumb – include plenty of fruits and veggies, but also a lot of healthy fats.

“When I say that, people raise their eyebrows, but healthy trans fats, like in nuts and avocados, are great for you, and are full of antioxidants.”

Your food choices are all up to you, but keeping these principles in mind and going for the grilled chicken instead of that third McRib may save your life one day. It’s not about living healthier; it’s about living better.

The Grill at 1810 is located on the east side of the indoor football facility at 1810 Manning Way. For more information, click the link.



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