Atlanta artist makes Oxford home

By McKenna Wierman

Olivia Kelley took one look at Ole Miss and knew she had found a second home.

“I really liked Oxford because it was small enough to make a big school feel like a family,” she said. “The town Square was charming and had a really Southern feel.”

But it wasn’t Oxford’s aesthetic that brought Kelley to The University of Mississippi, and it wasn’t the Square that made her want to stay.

“I came here initially for the art program, and to experience a big school,” she said. But Kelley found it difficult freshman year to be so far away from friends and family back home in Atlanta, Georgia.

The small-town charm of Oxford was different from the more urban life she was used to, and it was tiring driving back and forth between Mississippi and Georgia to visit loved ones.

She found herself facing a tough choice – stay at Ole Miss and embrace Oxford life, or take a chance and try something new. After grappling with the decision whether or not to transfer closer to home, Kelley decided to stay after all.

“I made friends with the people who lived close by to me, and through my hobbies in art and dance,” she said.

Now, Kelley takes time to enjoy the pleasures of living in Oxford, like grabbing a grilled cheese from the Absinthe Bar, going out with friends and meeting new people.

“I hope to become more involved with things on campus and become well known in the art community,” she said.

McKenna Wierman is a senior Journalism major born and raised in Dallas, Texas. After graduating from Ursuline Academy of Dallas, Wierman came to the University of Mississippi to study Psychology, but ended up switching her major to Journalism by the end of the first day of class.
By the end of her first semester, Wierman had been published in the Daily Mississippian, despite having not yet enrolled in any Journalism classes. Now, she is published at least once a week. She currently works as an editor for the LifeStyles section at the Daily Mississippian.
Wierman hopes to explore new areas of reporting and journalism in the future, and looks forward to trying new things. She also enjoys cooking, her dog, and all things Texas.


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