6’N’Tubbs: A haven for Northeastern transplants


Megan Myers

6 ‘N’ Tubbs pizzeria is home for the many Northeasterners living in Oxford and a great introduction to those who crave New York-style pizza, providing incredibly fresh, diverse pies that everyone associates with the Big Apple.

Located at 2625 West Oxford Loop, this quaint pizza joint is a little more hidden than it should be for its pizzas, calzones, sub sandwiches, and New York-style bagels.

Originally founded by Dennis Van Oosterndorp, the pizzeria was recently sold to Rusty Bolger.

Originally from South Jersey, Bolger fell in love with the town of Oxford after attending the University of Mississippi and eventually decided to move back to start a family and further his dream of being a successful entrepreneur.

Bolger moved here in 2001 and worked as an employee under Dennis for three years until he took over in October.

Now working 12-hour days, Bolger wants the business to grow its customer base.

“This has been a dream of mine for a long time,” he said. “Coming from the North, I loved the pizza and wanted to bring a little piece of home down to my favorite place. I got together with Dennis, a man whose been in the business for 30 plus years, so I got to learn a lot to get to where I am.”

The diverse menu allows customers to order specialty pizzas and specific options that can be made into calzones or strombolis. The restaurant is one of the few places in Oxford where you can find quality Sicilian crust pizzas. This will increase as the restaurant expands its food options with the introduction of NewYork-style bagels made into sandwiches and all-beef franks coming soon.

In an attempt to grow the business, the restaurant began opening at 11 p.m. for lunch this week, since they will eventually be serving bagels. They are also working on starting a delivery service.

Bolger has high hopes for the future of the establishment.

“There’s really nothing better than seeing repeat customers bringing back their friends and spreading the word,” he said. “It’s the best compliment you can get in this job.”

Faithful 6’N’Tubbs customer, Maddie Emery, is a freshman at the University of Mississippi from Glen Rock, New Jersey. She has been going into the pizzeria almost every week since she got here getting to know the staff very well.

“I walked in and immediately felt at home,” she said. “Rusty was super friendly from the first day I walked in, and the pizzas are fantastic. It truly feels like I’m right back in New Jersey.”

Bolger said most of his customers are homesick Northeastern students from the University of Mississippi who have spread the word about the restaurant.



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