Meeting your soulmate in high school

Joy Addison
Oxford Stories

Wedding bells seem to ring the loudest in the hearts of young girls in the Bible belt of our sweet South. By age 23, most Southern sweethearts tie a knot signifying a bond that may never be broken.

Some look down on young marriage with ridicule and scorn. Some don’t believe marriage should come before purchasing your first house, car or pet. But is marrying young stupid or brave?

It is not popular to be head over heels in love in 9th grade and stay in bliss until a proposal 10 years later. But could all of the tears and growing pains that two share be an ideal situation for love?

The person we share the rest of our lives with should know us better than anyone. The long nights of tears after the most popular clique in school rejected you in the steady arms of your best friend builds security. Movie nights with just the two of you while everyone else in your high school is out partying until the sun comes up and experimenting with everything below it builds contentment. Butterflies and first kisses with the same person with whom your first intimate moments are shared builds trust in the purest form.

A flashback over of the years of fights and smiles builds a bond, so why second guess young love? Why risk a life without the one who has shown that when the world turns against you, they will be there to boost you. The answer is simple: fear of the unknown.

Many people fear “missing out.” Could the deepest love you have really have grown up 13 miles from your kitchen? Maybe they are 500 miles away doing the complete opposite of everything I have ever done my entire life? How do I know this person is “the one” if I have never been with anyone else?”

These are all questions that block the risk of happiness that a young marriage could bring. So, the exploration phase begins.

Many people say that we become an entirely new person on the journey of acceptance, adventure, contentment, trust and security. We imagine there is someone out there, miles away we will run into that will make our hearts stop. We fear that we cannot stay in our comfort zone to find this type of love.

It takes bravery to accept that maybe at age 12, 16, 19 or 21 we have found the one who makes our soul content.

To think that we could never want for anything more, because all of the bliss that our hearts could contain stands before us in someone who sat three seats away from us in our 10th grade math class and did not run into us at a subway stop outside of eastern New York might be mind blowing. Young marriage is a leap of faith.

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