Opinion: Hit Show ‘Scandal’ review

Kendra Taylor

The hit drama “Scandal, in its third season, stars actress Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, and actors Tony Goldwyn as President Fitzgerald and Scott Foley as Jake.

After following the show for two seasons, I grew fond of the dramatic, real life atmosphere it could create in a room. But the show changed.

Olivia Pope has taken on an aura of vulnerability. Fans who are accustomed to her confidence with a side of power and sarcasm may have been let down. Not to mention, she has practically lost all of the gladiators, and the love affair with President Fitz that drove viewers crazy no longer exists. What is this doing to the viewers? Will they continue to watch the show?

Although these minor changes affected the show, the most important change was the firing of actor Columbus Short, whose character, gladiator Harrison, was a huge part of Olivia Pope’s life.

Short was released from the show for personal reasons. Consequently, writers handled the issue by writing his character out of the script. Towards the end of the show, all of the original employees of Olivia Pope & Associates attended his funeral dressed in all black.

After witnessing all of this, I could not help but ask a few questions. What does this mean for Shonda Rhimes and ABC? How will this affect the future of the show? Many hit TV shows have faced a huge decrease in ratings after changing the tone of the show, changing the general notion, and eliminating key characters. Will the show be able to survive these unpleasant changes?

These were all reasonable questions. However, the main question was: W ill the show be able to compete with its new sister show “How to Get Away with Murder” starring actress Viola Davis?

Scandal has captivated and held my attention for two seasons. But I knew that it would certainly have to do better to survive another season.

Luckily, the new season has changed in quality and depth. Although ratings fluctuated, fans just cannot get enough of Olivia Pope.

I was in doubt of the show’s future, but Ms. Rhimes and her team seem to have pulled it together. The show is back on track. The new season has been one of, if not, the most intense, drama filled seasons.

Contributing to the season’s “real life” feel is the episode “The Lawn Chair.” During this episode, Rhimes and company took the time to shed light on the current issue of police brutality in America.

A 17-year-old African American by the name of Brandon Parker was shot and killed in the street by a caucasian police officer. His father Clarence Parker, played by the amazingly talented Courtney B. Vance, refused to leave his son’s body until he was handed the officer who took his son’s life. Placing a lawn chair over the body, he took a seat and refused to leave. The episode hit home for many fans as they fell in love with the rawness that they were used to getting from the show.

Despite losing one of its key characters in Columbus Short and the love affair between Olivia and President Fitzgerald, the show has beat out its Thursday night competitors. After questioning the show last season, I believe that it is safe to say that it will be sticking around for quite some time.


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