Follow your dreams . . even to Hollywood

By Jana Rosenberg

Whenever I tell people I am a broadcast journalism major, they automatically assume I want to be an anchor for Fox News or CNN and report hard-hitting news on politics, the government, crime, etc. For me, however, this is not the case.

After graduation, I dream of becoming an entertainment journalist. I have wanted to do something within the entertainment industry since I was young and could watch E! News and “Access Hollywood.”

In high school, I further discovered my potential as a writer, so my senior year before entering the University of Mississippi, I decided journalism would be the perfect major for me. So far, I have never looked back or thought twice about changing my major, and I have loved every second of all of my journalism courses.

A lot of people ask me what I am going to do to make money later in life if this dream of mine does not work out, but I always simply tell them, it will. Those type of questions would usually stress someone out, but not me. Those are the questions that motivate me to work harder than anyone else and push myself every day further into the direction of my dreams. I believe that with enough passion, a strong work ethic and a good attitude, anyone can achieve whatever they put their minds too, no matter how ridiculous some dreams may be.

Another thing I get from a lot of people is, “Entertainment broadcast journalist, huh? That’s cute!” Cute? I didn’t know the profession was “cute.” If I tell people that I dream of becoming a reporter on Fox News, would they still tell me they thought what I wanted to do was “cute?” Probably not. That is what irritates me most and makes me hesitant to share my dream of becoming an entertainment journalist with people.

Last semester, when my professor asked the class about their goals and aspirations in journalism, I was too embarrassed to tell her that I wanted to be an entertainment journalist because of the responses and attitudes I’ve gotten in past.

Today, that is no longer a problem for me. The more I learned about the profession I want to be in, the more I’ve learned about entertainment journalists and all their success. I’ve realized some of the most successful journalists are in entertainment, and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

Giuliana Rancic is a prime example of a successful and hardworking entertainment journalist. She went to college and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Maryland and then furthered her education as a graduate student at American University, earning a master’s degree in journalism.

While there, she began her career at a Capitol Hill news bureau covering a number of stories related to the Pentagon, Supreme Court, White House and State Department. Her drive and hard work as both a student and beginning journalist are all of the reasons I love Giuliana.

No, it is not just because her outfits are always perfect and her hair always looks fabulous every time she is reporting on E! News, but it is because she has worked incredibly hard to get to where she is and never gave up. Because of that, she made it.

It’s people like Giuliana that make me unashamed to tell my teachers and peers that I plan to become an entertainment journalist one day. Giuliana’s journey involved more than entertainment and, although that is my ultimate goal, I hope to have the same kind of journey after college. Until then, I intend on working extremely hard so I can have some of the same opportunities and take the same path.

Personally, I think more universities should offer classes that specialize in the entertainment field for others who have the same dream, because I know they are out there.

Working in the entertainment field as a journalist is one of the most competitive careers to get into it. It involves just as much journalism knowledge, passion and skill as any other career in broadcast. In order to even step foot into the entertainment journalism world, you have to be both patient and persistent. You have to be driven and never give up.

I don’t let people’s negative comments about my dreams get in the way of my drive because I know that one day, I’ll be able to prove them wrong… with a really nice pay check.

I’ve applied for internships with various companies such as “Access Hollywood,” “Inside Edition,” E! Entertainment and more all year. I got no responses back for an interview, until about two weeks ago.

A smaller business called Young Hollywood emailed me back expressing their interest to have me come intern for them in Los Angeles this summer. I had a Skype interview with the head of the internship program, and I got the job.

After waiting in crazy anticipation all year for a fish to bite, one finally did, and it felt amazing that someone finally recognized my hard work and passion.

This summer, I will be in charge of Young Hollywood’s social media pages, writing and providing content for their website and shadowing celebrity interviews inside and outside of the studio.

A lot of people who work for Young Hollywood also have jobs with bigger companies like NBC, CSNBC, E! Entertainment and more. Therefore, the connections I will make are going to be amazing.

Getting this internship has fueled my enthusiasm to become an entertainment journalist more than ever before and, although it has been a long wait, it was well worth it.

I encourage people with crazy dreams like mine, whether they are in journalism or something else, to not let other’s opinions get in the way of their dreams and to never give up, no matter how far fetched some career aspirations may be.

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