The story of Billy Daniels: Why honesty is always the best policy

William Frigo

At what point do you stop lying to women?  At what point do you become the honest man all women hope to have?  At what point does your girlfriend become the person she truly is?

There are “masks” that all men wear in order to portray the perfect man.  Men will tone their voice differently and introduce a more masculine image.  Women may stuff their bras or wear a push up bra to draw the eyes of other men.  Men wear shoes with tall souls that boost their height.

Women drive their friends’ cars around so they are perceived wealthy. Some  women and men will even lie about their hometowns so they can say they came from prestigious communities. The problem with all of these things is that the outcome is never pretty.

I will introduce a case in which lies quickly flipped the relationship upside down. This story is fiction, but the truths are real.

There once was a man named Billy, who came from a good middle class family, but never had luck with women.  Billy was 5’3 and weighed no more than 175 lbs.

Billy was an ordinary guy with an ordinary life.  He visited the same bars every weekend and never seemed to find luck in a town filled with women. He could not compete with other upper class guys and was raised to never lie.

Billy continued to introduce himself to different women for weeks, and soon the semester ended with Billy going home for Christmas Break alone.  His parents could not believe that he had been attending a school with so many women and not take one on a date.

He soon returned to school and decided to study other guys that were having better luck with women.  He found one who seemed to leave the bars with different women every weekend, and he had to find out the secret behind the artist.

Billy walked up to the guy tapped him on the shoulder.  The guy turned around slowly and murmured, “Hey there little fella.”

Billy gave him an aggravated look, but soon introduced himself with a rush of words that described his entire situation.

“My name’s Billy Ward, and I cannot grab the attention of one woman at this godforsaken bar. Please tell me how the hell you are leaving here with more women than I can count on my hands and yours.  You have to help me.”

The guy stared at Billy and began to grin. He turned his back to Billy and began to flag down a bartender.  Billy looked down at the floor with a look of defeat and soon began to look towards the door.

As he walked away from the bar, he felt a tap on his back.  He turned around, and it was the guy with two drinks filled to the rim.

“My name is Craig Shutter, and I think we should take a walk,” said Craig.

Billy walked up and down the bar with Craig as he explained the ins and outs of what women want from a guy, and at the end of the conversation, as they parted ways, Billy asked, “So at the end of it, all women just want a confident liar?”

Craig turned around. “That’s exactly what they want,” he said, and walked out the door as Billy stood in the middle of the floor.

The next day Billy sat at the bar waiting for the first woman to come his way.  He thought to himself, “If I’m going to make this work.  I’m going to do it once and only once.”

Billy soon crossed paths with a beautiful, brown-haired blue-eyed woman who sat alone at the end of the bar.  He took a deep breath and approached the woman in full stride.  Billy sat close to the girl and asked what she was drinking.  She sighed quietly and responded, “Cranberry and Vodka. Why? You buyin’?”

Billy looked to the bartender and yanked $40 from his pocket.  “I’ll take one cranberry and vodka. Keep the change.”

The bartender made a cup filled with vodka with a splash of cranberry.  “Wow, you must be sitting real nice with orders like that. What’s your name,” the woman asked.

Billy began looked around the bar and soon saw a big bottle of Jack Daniels.

“Billy Daniels. Who’s asking?” said Billy.

“You wouldn’t happen to be related to the family that distributes that whiskey up there would you,” said the pretty woman.

“Why yes, that would be my father, who resides over the company that sends this bar that whiskey over there,” said Billy.

That night, Billy made a new friend who stayed with him at the bar until closing time.  They laughed at each others jokes and began to tell stories of their past, some true and some false.

Over time, Billy fell for the woman at the bar and soon found himself spending every penny of his income in order to impress the girl.  Billy became so broke that he was evicted from his house.  He began living out of his car, told the woman his house was being remodeled and asked her if he could stay with her until it was finished.

The woman agreed with happiness and housed Billy for an entire week.  Billy then fell more in love with the woman and decided to spend the last of his money on a ring. He would ask the woman to marry him at the bar where they met.

Once Billy arrived, he approached the woman, who was now talking to another man who looked all too familiar to him.  As he walked closer, he noticed it was Craig Shutter.

When the woman turned around, she stood up and slapped Billy so hard the ring went flying out of his shirt pocket and into a glass filled with Jack.

She grabbed Craig Shutter’s arm and ran out of the bar.  Billy fell to his knees and began to cry.

In my own opinion, honesty and trust is vital in all relationships.

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