Ole Miss student creates DJ business

this is a picture from an event that Warren help with at Sigma Nu

This is a picture from an event that Warren helped with at Sigma Nu

Ellie Darcey
The Oxford Eagle

Hugh Warren, an electrical engineering major at Ole Miss, created a DJ business his junior year of high school that has continued through college. Warren created TGE Event Production in 2011.

DJing was strictly a business venture for Warren. He was first intrigued by the technical side – the boards, turntables and lights. He later noticed that there was a need for “young energetic DJs in the greater Jackson area” and took it upon himself to fill this need.

Warren created a business plan for TGE Event Production his junior year of high school.

“I approached my parents with a business plan and a budget, and they were glad to loan the amount that I would need,” he said.

Warren has been successful at booking multiple gigs in Jackson. This enabled him to pay pack his parents within the first month of operations.

TGE Event Production has a few different aspects. Warren is able to provide live-sound applications, event production, and mobile DJ services.

The opportunities have grown since coming to college. The business has grown thanks to different types of functions and venues.

Warren accepted any offer at the beginning of his career. His first job was an eighth grade birthday party. Now, he DJs events at many bars on the Square, fraternities, and other events and functions on campus, like CRU.

Recently, Warren had the opportunity to do production for ‘Greek Worship Night’ at Sigma Nu. He said, so far, that has been his favorite event since beginning TGE Event Production.

When comparing himself to the other businesses around Oxford, Warren places himself in the middle. His size, equipment, and scheduling are smaller than his competition.

Although smaller in size, Warren said  customer satisfaction places him much higher than some of his competition.

Jenny Coffey, an Ole Miss senior, said she has attended an event Warren worked.

“It was great to have a DJ play that was closer to our age, because he played music that he knew we would all enjoy,” Coffey said. “He played the oldies and throwbacks that everyone knows and loves, but also the newer songs to make it more fun. He really did bring a great energy to the fraternity I was at.”

an event where Warren worked live-sound production

an event where Warren worked live-sound production

Warren also noticed that he needed to set himself apart from other DJs in Oxford. To do this, he branched out into live-sound production, a much smaller market.

Since Warren is attending school and currently working at an internship, DJing has become a side job. Generally, he is able to accept most jobs in Oxford, but still finds himself declining if he does not have the time.

Warren has been able to take what he has learned in class and apply it to his business. When he first began, it was strictly a business venture. He realized he has developed a love for live sound and what goes into putting on a concert. He will continue DJing as a side job and hobby.

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