Oxford mom volunteers with Young Life

Connor Paul Heitzmann
The Oxford Eagle

Pamela Grafton, 44, moved from Memphis to Oxford 11 years ago and became a stay at home mom after working in the banking and financial planning industry.


When she isn’t busy with her husband and three children, she volunteers with her church and Young Life.

“Young Life is a non-denominational ministry centered around the idea to help young adolescent find and grow in a relationship with Christ,” said Grafton.“My husband and I have been the committee chairmen for about seven years.”

With all of her children involved in Young Life, Grafton said “it has been a family project.”

Grafton said one of her biggest accomplishments was raising more than $20,000 for Young Life.

“Last February, we did a huge fundraising campaign across the community, and it exceeded our expectations,” she said. “It was exciting to see the community really get behind us and something we’ve worked hard to build.”

When they first began volunteering with Young Life, the Graftons said it was just beginning to grow.

“We now have over 40 volunteer college leaders,” she said.

Young Life leader Cody Sanders is thankful for the work Grafton has done.

“No matter what you’re volunteering in, you’re working towards making the community better,” he said. “She is always there to check up on us when things get tough. She has taught me how to be there for people and not get stressed out in the midst of craziness.”

Grafton plans too continue volunteering.

“Oxford is a great community,” she said. “I would encourage everyone to find something to get plugged into. A tight-knit community like Oxford can only get better with the help of everyone.

“Volunteering might be hard and might seem like what you are doing is not making a difference, but at the end of the day, the outcome will always be worth the work.”

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