Pharmacy student learns to juggle classes, work and activities

I enjoy working for the public. I'm a pharmacist student, a community advisor for housing, and help run the student section for Ole Miss basketball.Desmen Ison
The Oxford Eagle

An Ole Miss student studying to become a pharmacist has his hand in many campus activities.

Christian Robinson, 22, is a graduate professional student at Ole Miss majoring in pharmaceutical science from Stone Mountain, Georgia. In two years, he will attend the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, where he will study to become a pediatric pharmacist in Atlanta.

“I decided to to follow this career path because I believe pharmacists are the most trusted, successful healthcare providers in the country, we are the Pharma Watch Dogs” he said.

He received his bachelor’s degree last May and became certified to administer flu shots.

“I feel like being able to give people flu shots can help me in gaining public trust,” he said, “because being a pharmacist, you need trust to run a business to help you be successful in the field.”

To help prepare for his career, Robinson also works part-time at CVS pharmacy as an intern. While working under a pharmacist’s supervision, he gives immunizations, consults with doctors, takes prescriptions over the phone, counsels patients about medicines, and deals with insurance companies for customer prescriptions.

Robinson has another job working for Ole Miss housing. He has been a community assistant four years. “I became a CA to have an impact on first-year students,” he said.

Robinson understood how important this was to people because he was heavily impacted by his CA freshman year.

To him, being a CA is being a dorm leader. There are also perks that include free housing and additional payment. But it is more about making a positive impact on people coming into the dorms.

“This is their new life,” he said. “It’s part of growing up, and it’s a struggle. I want to help make the transition easier for them so that they can possibly have a successful college tenure.”

Robinson is also passionate about Ole Miss sports. He is notably in the front row of student sections for Ole Miss football and basketball.

With a new Pavilion under construction that will open in January, Ole Miss athletics was looking for people to help run the student section, better known as Club Red. This is designed to help Ole Miss have a notable student section for athletes, like Duke has for theirs. Robinson signed up to help run Club Red.

“I have been here for a few years now,” he said, “and students are fair-weathered on basketball. They only come when we win and disappear when we lose, saying they don’t want to see a losing team.

“I believe if students fill Club Red, we can create a hostile environment for the opposing team, which will help us win and also look attractive for recruits that visit,” he said.

Freshman Connor Owens, one of Robinson’s residents at Deaton Hall, said Robinson is a great CA.

“He is one of the most enthusiastic (people) I’ve seen do a job,” he said. “Whenever I need help, he has always taken time out of his busy schedule to help. Whether that is helping with homework, personal problems, or just feeling homesick, he really makes you feel like you are at home.”

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