Ya Ya’s Frozen Yogurt is a popular stop in Oxford

Lynecia Christian

Pick a cup. Pick a flavor. Pick a topping. Weigh it. And pay it.

These are five simple guidelines a customer follows while visiting Ya Ya’s Frozen Yogurt, at 100 Courthouse Square, home to a variety of toppings and assorted frozen yogurt flavors.

IMG_4357 “It may seem easy and simple  until you see the amount of choices you have to choose from,” said customer Alexis Smith, 20. “You can’t just choose one topping.”

Ya Ya’s Frozen Yogurt founded by Betsy Wilson, a Florida native, in the spring of 2010. Wilson’s son, Scott Wilson, a former University of Mississippi student, was experimenting with frozen yogurt products as a school project. That sparked the business idea.

Ya Ya’s has a total of 74 different assorted frozen yogurt flavors, but features only eight distinctively selected flavors weekly.

There is also a wide selection of toppings to choose ranging from candy pieces to fruits, nuts, and syrups/sauces.


The shop offers three forms of frozen yogurts – non-fat, sorbet, and low-fat yogurts.

“Non-fat yogurt is a low-calorie healthier product, which is an alternative to full-fat ice cream,” said Jeremy Sartain, 35, a Water Valley native who works as the assistant manager of Ya Ya’s. “Sorbet yogurt is a product that contains no dairy content and is usually made with frozen water or juice. Low-fat yogurt contains no more than 3g of fat per 100g.”

Along with the various amount of frozen yogurt flavors, the shop also offers  smoothies.

When the Double Decker Festival is in town, the rate of customers increases tremendously.

“That’s our busiest time of the year,” Sartain said.


Ya Ya’s Frozen Yogurt’s authentic and unique flavors can be found in only two locations in the United States. The other location is in Asheville, North Carolina. The Asheville location opened their doors a year after the Oxford location opened in June of 2011.

Sartain said that for the upcoming holiday of Halloween, they might try to incorporate the frozen yogurt of flavor “Candy Apple.”

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