Oxford Adventure Boot Camp: Former UM student brings personal training to Oxford

Bryce Dixon
The Oxford Eagle

Kendall Gregory, 34, dedicates his life to helping people get healthier. Through his personal training program, Oxford Adventure Boot Camp, Gregory has spent the last 15 years changing people’s lives through positive, healthy living.

After years of personal training in sports, Gregory saw the impact trainers could have on people’s lives and wanted the chance to make a difference through his own program.

Growing up in Memphis, Gregory spent his days training for football, basketball and baseball. After high school, he moved to Oxford and attended the University of Mississippi for two years. He later transferred to Trevecca, a smaller school in Nashville, to play college baseball.

While in Trevecca, Gregory began working hourly at a small gym, trying to earn extra money for school. When he realized how much he enjoyed working as a trainer, he began to pursue it as a full-time career after graduation.

“I knew after seeing the impact training had in my life and on my friends, that I wanted to help people in that way too,” said Gregory. “Health is more than just going to the gym to me. I like to help the clients I work with, help them understand why taking care of themselves is so important. I mean, the mental aspect of training is important too.”

With a bachelor’s degree in business administration, Gregory longed to own and run his own fitness company, rather than work for a gym. He decided Oxford was the place he wanted to grow his business and returned to his former school to begin training with student athletes.

Today, Gregory is the owner and CEO of Gregory Fitness, LLC. He is certified as a National Exercise and Sports Trainer, group fitness instructor, and personal trainer through the International Sports Science Association.

With his athletic background, Gregory adapted techniques found in sports and athletic training and created Oxford Adventure Boot Camp. After 12 years of personal training, he shared why his career is so important to him.

“I like to help people better themselves both physically and mentally,” said Gregory. “Training has always been a way for me to push myself or even work through different things going on in my life. Most of the time, it’s more than people just wanting to lose weight. To me, this program is a way for my clients to help themselves.”

Founded in February of 2010, Oxford Adventure Boot Camp has been steadily growing over the past five years.

The program is on a four-week timeline, offering several different training options, such as boot camp, personal training, and Stroller Fit for mothers, with young children, who still want to get in shape. Each session is one hour and clients have the option of training three, four, or five days out of the week, either at 5:30 a.m. or 5:30 p.m.

The workouts consist of core conditioning, muscular strength, short distance running, weight training, circuit training, hiking, sport yoga, pilates, fitness kickboxing, sports drills, obstacle courses, and more.

“Clients are never going to get the same workout twice,” said Gregory. “It’s important to keep the body guessing and to not be too repetitive with training.

“I like to bring in different methods and ways to get in a tough workout, but make sure people have fun doing it . . . Well, as much fun as you can have while working out.”

With four-week sessions throughout the year, it is easy for clients to adapt to a routine and start getting results. Clients like, Evan St. Laurent, an Ole Miss student who has attended four of Gregory’s boot camps, is now starting her fifth round.

“Kendall is a great trainer,” said St. Laurent. “I didn’t know what to expect really when I joined boot camp, but honestly he kick-started my weight loss. I lost 16 lbs. my first round through and have kept it off. I’m ready for more results.”

St. Laurent explains her misgivings about working out at the Turner Center, the university’s recreation center for students, blaming overcrowding as the biggest issue.

“Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never had the easiest time working out at the Turner Center,” said St. Laurent. “I mean, you have to basically fight to get on an elliptical or a treadmill, and the classes are always full. So, this has definitely been a great option for me.”

With a wide variety of exercises and training, Oxford Adventure Boot Camp truly offers something for everyone. 

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