UM yearbook editor is making his mark with The Oxford Comma

Molly Randles
The Oxford Eagle

Many people debate whether or not the Oxford comma should be omitted in sentences. But The Oxford Comma refuses to be deleted in Oxford.

University of Mississippi Yearbook Editor Walter Lyle, 20, started the band, The Oxford Comma, in 2013 with friend, Peyton Dixon, 20.

“Peyton and I decided that he was good at singing and playing the guitar, and I was good a drumming,” Lyle said.

They have played at many venues, such as Cups, Union Unplugged, on the Grove stage, at Soul Shine Pizza Factory, in Birmingham, and occasionally for the worship band at The Orchard church.

“We play covers for artists like Ed Sheeran and Jack Johnson,” Lyle said.

The Birmingham native and junior broadcast journalism major “took a chance” moving to Ole Miss in the fall of 2013, and Lyle has used his talents in many ways on and off campus.

This weekend, the band uploaded a music video featuring a cover of the song “Let Your Heart Hold Fast” by Fort Atlantic. David Vicchiollo, worship leader at The Orchard, shot the video at Dixon’s ranch at the edge of Oxford’s city limits.

“It was so fun to shoot this and work with some close friends on it,” Lyle said. “David is really good at shooting videos and can play almost every instrument.”

Lyle discovered a passion for music when he was 13.

“I decided to start drumming when my sister got a drum set,” he said. “Lyle’s sister gave up on the drums soon after she got her own drum set for Christmas.”

Lyle taught himself how to play the drums when his sister gave up.

“Later that year, a video game called Rock Band came out, and I loved it,” Lyle said. “That’s really how I learned how to drum.”

Emily Schneider, 20, is a fan of the band.

“The Oxford Comma is really good,” she said. “It is so cool to see talent like that at Ole Miss.”

Lyle also enjoys photography and runs his own business. He does personal shoots for clients and photo shoots for Madison Theobold, a well-known fashion blogger and graphic designer at Ole Miss.

“Working with Maddie was pretty cool and got my name out there more.” Lyle said.

Lyle is the photography yearbook editor at the University of Mississippi. He manages a staff of eight photographers and runs the Instagram account for @theolemiss yearbook.

“My favorite part about running the Instagram account is doing the Humans of Ole Miss feature every week.” Lyle said. “Two weeks ago, we featured a 28-year-old criminal justice major that is originally from Oxford. His story really interested me. I like getting to know people through my work.”

Lyle plans to finish college and open a business.

“I like innovation and have a way bringing new ideas to the table,” he said.

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