Hotty Toddy Potties: Where Rebels with class wipe their… behinds

Olivia Morgan

Since 2003, when nature has called “Are you ready?” in the Grove, Rebel fans have answered with Hotty Toddy Potties.

According to Ashton Pearson, director of facilities management for the University of Mississippi, the portable restrooms were purchased to cut down on bathroom usage in academic buildings on game day.

“They are significantly easier to service than a building, and are placed strategically to serve as many fans close to where they tailgate without them having to walk far to a building,” Pearson said.

Hotty Toddy Potties feature individual stalls and sinks, in contrast to a typical portable toilet. Some units are built by Ameri-Can engineering of Argos, Indiana. The company provides trailers to various customers – from concerts and outdoor festivals to industrial work sites, emergency response and even colleges for tailgaters to refresh themselves.

“The trailer type option offers a more comfortable and hygienic user experience in many areas, such as functionality, quality of provision, home-like décor, spaciousness and odor control,” said David Harling from Ameri-Can.

The university owns eight large units and three smaller ones referred to as “junior” Hotty Toddy Potties. Facilities management tows four units to campus by an 18-wheeler rig on Thursdays, and the rest are placed on Fridays before home games.

“Our goal is to have them placed by the start of the academic day in order to minimize the disruption to campus,” Pearson said.

During football season, four large units are placed on University Avenue in front of Faser Hall, two are placed in front of Ventress, two are placed in front of Farley, and one junior potty is placed behind Hume Hall.

The specialty bathrooms aren’t only found on game days, however. Throughout the year, two junior potties can be found in the south parking lot of campus, and during baseball season, one large unit is placed in the parking lot behind left field.

According to facilities management, the city of Oxford even uses the bathrooms for events that draw large crowds, such as the Double Decker arts festival in the spring.

During use, a male and female facility management custodial staff  member are stationed at each unit to clean the respective sides.

“They are maintained in manner that presents a positive image,” Pearson said. “They are all white to present a cleaner image,  no graffiti is allowed.”

People in the Grove are both impressed and relieved while they relieve themselves in Hotty Toddy Potties. Sophomore marketing major Molly High said the bathrooms are one of the most unique parts of game day.

“They are so much cleaner and more convenient than going into one of the buildings, especially the Union, to go to the bathroom,” High said. She noted the lines in the Union bathroom, and that people often bump into you.

Like several other students, High likes to get dressed up on game day, and feels like the Hotty Toddy Potties provide a fancier image of the Grove.

“When I’m in my dress for game day, I don’t want to have to get into a cramped, smelly (portable toilet), and I think it’s so cool that Ole Miss provides nicer options,” she said.

The university is known widely for its top-notch tailgating, and every detail of the game day experience – from tents to toilets – is held to a higher standard.

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