Oxford’s biggest venue has historic roots

Last winter when snow blanketed Oxford

Last winter when snow blanketed Oxford

Connor Paul Heitzmann
The Oxford Eagle

Constructed in the late 1800s, The Lyric was once a stable owned by the famous writer William Faulkner and his family. Today, it’s a concert hall.

Kelsey Knect, a sophomore at Ole Miss, is an intern at The Lyric.

The Kansas City native works with 10 other interns, hanging up posters around town and on campus that promote shows.

“I take the bands out, pick up their food, and scan tickets at the door before shows,” Knect said. “It’s very cool, because I’m really into music, and I want to be able to see what the backstage life is like.”

Knect said she works about 15 shows a semester. She said one of her favorite parts of the job is getting to suggest an artist or band for possible future performances.

“If I want to try to see a certain band or artist, I can suggest one, and they may or may not be contacted to come play here,” said Knect.

Darby Sims, a senior from San Francisco, said she keeps going back to The Lyric for the “good music.”

“My favorite show I have been to at the Lyric was Neutral Milk Hotel,” said Sims. “It felt very in the moment.”

Knect said you can see a difference in attendance if concerts are held on weekends and weekdays.

“It honestly really depends on the artist,” said Knect. “The other day, we had a local kid band, which only drew in parents and friends; unlike Moon Taxi, which has been sold out on like a Thursday night.”

Molly Jones, a receptionist at Oxford Pediatrics, said she loves the small atmosphere of The Lyric.

“The lack of assigned seats at The Lyric really allows for concerts to feel more intimate,” Jones said. “Everyone there is your friend because you’re all standing there together enjoying the music.

“A lot of the artists that come through are good. I get to learn about music.”

The Lyric is “a different kind of venue,” said Knect. “You feel like you are right there with the band.”

The Lyric offers a balcony section for viewing.

“With the inclusion of a bar area, it just makes for a neat atmosphere,” Knect said.“It’s one of the biggest venues in Oxford. This is the place where the big names come.”

Knect hopes to continue working at The Lyric in the future.

“I want to be in the music business someday later on,” she said. “Working here is a great place to start.”

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