Oxford residents are Princesses With A Cause

Hannah Simmons
The Oxford Eagle

Have you ever wanted to be someone else, if only for a day? A new Oxford business offers employees that opportunity.

Princesses With A Cause was created by Samantha Myers and Holly Davis about a year ago to bring kindness to children who need it most.

“I wanted the kids to feel the magic come to life, and not just see it on the screen,” said Myers. “The main message we wanted to send when we started this was that a little bit of kindness could go a long way. We wanted to spread that kindness and have that keep going when we leave the event.”

This new business features princesses from classic fairy tales, including Princess Elsa and Anna to Cinderella and Belle. Employees dress like one of the princesses and go to parties and events, such as birthday parties, hospital visits, and area festivals.

Davis said she wanted to give kids the feeling that the movie is truly coming to life, because she remembers that feeling when she was a kid.

“I used to believe that (movies) came to life,” she said, “and when I went to Disney World, it was one of the most exciting times of my life to see that actually be true. I think starting this business is my way of giving that same feeling to the kids. I love seeing them when we first arrive. That is something that will never get old.”

Jackie Welsh, one of the employees, said she loves bringing excitement to children.

“Seeing their faces when we come to their birthday parties dressed as their favorite princess or character is absolutely priceless,” she said.

Employees cannot break character at events. To become a character for the company, you must audition with a YouTube video no longer than five minutes. Once they view your audition tape, the owners decide which character fits you best.

“This was a perfect opportunity for me, because I have been doing theatre my whole life, and that was my major in college,” Welsh said. “I felt like this job would give me some of the experience that would be useful for my future.”

The company has eight employees and they hope to expand. They also visit children in the hospital who are dealing with life-threatening illnesses.

Davis said it feels good to bring joy to sick children.

“It was one of the greatest feelings to bring that much happiness to a child who is going through something that is so hard on them and their family,” she said.

The characters play games with kids, sing songs that kids love, and read books.

“This is the most satisfying job, and I absolutely love doing it every single day,” she said. “I am so happy I was part of the creation of this amazing company. It has created amazing opportunities for our employees.”

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