Student wants to start campus group to combat parking issues

Hannah Simmons
The Oxford Eagle

As student enrollment increases, so do Ole Miss parking problems.

Allison Trevitt, a UM sophomore, wants to start a group to champion for more spaces on campus.

“I have seen that parking is becoming such a problem that something needs to be done,” she said. “I want to try help out current and future students so that people don’t become so frustrated like I have seen.”

Trevitt wants to make a difference during her time at Ole Miss, and she thought starting a group to make parking better would be a good start.

“If I start this group, I feel like I could really change things on this campus and get better parking for the people who do commute to class everyday,” she said.

Trevitt has discussed the issue with people in her classes and recently held a meeting to speak to a group of students who were interested in joining the group. She discussed things that the group would do to try and help the parking problem.

“I just wanted to get the word out about what I wanted to do with the group, and hopefully people would be interested in joining once I can get things started,” she said.

Some students interested in joining the group talked about why this would be a great group to be part of.

Katherine Hill, a junior at Ole Miss, knows the frustration of parking.

“Since the start of my sophomore year, it has always been so difficult trying to figure out how early I should get to campus in order to get a spot and have time to get to class,” she said. “It always takes a while for me to find a spot, and then I have to rush to class.”

Many commuters also have parking issues.

“I have had many days where I was late for class, and it was because of parking,” Hill said. “It is really frustrating because it is my fault for not getting to campus earlier.”

Trevitt said the group would be a great platform for people to voice their opinion about why they think we should have more parking spaces on campus.

Martha Parker, a junior at Ole Miss, also attended the meeting.

“I know that I will be graduating soon, but I still have a little over a year to try and help make a difference for future students who will be parking on campus,” she said.

Trevitt said the group would present their ideas to the Parking and Transportation Department.

“I would like to have all of our ideas organized and perfected before we present anything though,” she said. “That way, we would have a better chance to make some real change on this campus.”

Trevitt hopes to get an official group together by the end of the year. That way, she will have the summer to organize everything and have the first meeting by the time school starts back.

“I think this first meeting really helped get things moving for the future,” she said. “It got me excited for what we will be able to do in the future, not only for parking, but I feel like we would be able to tackle other issues as well.”

Hill said she hopes the  group helps resolve other campus issues.

“I also hope that once all of us graduate that we will have enough members to take over the group and keep it going,” she said. “I would love to see the group continue to grow and create change.”

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