Presidential hopeful visits Ole Miss


Jac Bedrossian

Presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan’s immortality bus tour stopped on the University of Mississippi’s campus last Thursday.

Istvan is running as the Transhumanist candidate in the 2016 election. The party promotes life extension science, health and technology. Istvan is the founder of this party.

In 2013, Istvan wrote a science fiction book titled, “The Transhumanist Wager.” The book discusses the possibility of immortality and those fighting against it.

Ole Miss was Istvan’s last stop on his campaign tour. The exterior of the bus was decorated like a coffin to spark discussion about the possibilities of immortality. Istvan wants to take money from defense spending and fund research projects to help prevent and eliminate disease.

“The kinds of things that you don’t ever have to lose your parents to cancer, the kinds of things where people don’t get Alzheimer’s disease, the kinds of things that war veterans can come back home and get artificial limbs if they need it. That’s the technology, that’s where the money needs to be,” said Istvan.

While at the university, Istvan stopped to speak with a philosophy class about his idea of living forever. He and students discussed issues that would arise, such as overpopulation and ethical ramifications.

Istvan, 42, is the youngest candidate running for election. He has a wife and two daughters.

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