Local food truck creates cultural fusion


Olivia Morgan

At the intersection of North Lamar and Molly Barr Road lies a crossroads between music and food, Africa and Mississippi. The Afrissippi Food Truck, run by Chad Henson and Guelel Kumba, offers Oxonians international street food.

The current location has been up and running for two months, but Henson and Kumba have been in a band together for 10 years.

A plate of Yassa Chicken at the Afrissippi food truck.

A plate of Yassa Chicken at the Afrissippi food truck.

Kumba hails from West Africa, a region he describes as “Senegambia,” that includes the areas surrounding the Senegal and Gambian rivers.

It was music that originally brought Kumba to Oxford, where he performed to pay tribute to an anthropology professor at the University several years ago. After his first trip to Mississippi, he stayed in touch with Henson, who convinced him to return. “Once I came back, I never left,” Kumba said.

Henson and Kumba have worked together in past restaurant ventures, but currently call the Afrissippi food truck home.

One of the truck’s most popular dishes is the Yassa Chicken, “the West African ancestor of Carolina barbecue,” according to Henson. The chicken is usually served over rice or couscous, but is also available in a hand-rolled flatbread sandwich. The truck also sells jambalaya, fish, banana plantains and gyros, and puts their own spin on traditional street foods.


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