Opinion: A Christian perspective on the Starbucks red cup controversey


Meagan Robinson

The smell of brewed coffee and treats fills the Starbucks coffee shop and holiday cheer can be felt until some customers receive the bright red cup from the baristas.

The Starbucks red cup controversy has fired a debate on social media that seems to be over-dramatic and pointless.

After the pumpkin spice latte season, it is finally time for Christmas flavors to arrive at Starbucks. Praline chestnut, gingerbread, and even the amazing peppermint white mocha are now available for purchase.

In line for the first time in November, I could not wait for my grande non-fat peppermint white mocha. I was so excited to see the bright red cups on display, and I was so happy to finally have my red cup full of holiday goodness. Apparently, the Christmas spirit I felt was not reciprocated throughout the Starbucks world.

On Facebook, I began to see Christians posting complaints about the holiday cups from Starbucks. They feel as though Starbucks is raging war on Christmas with its plain red cups. The red cups have displayed snowflakes, reindeer, snowmen and a Christmas tree in the past. Christians voiced their outrage about Starbucks for not having a holiday spirit and for ignoring Christmas.

This is one of the most ridiculous things to be angry about, and the red cups do actually show Christmas spirit. As a Christian, I am not angry at all about the red cups. The true meaning of Christmas is not snowflakes and reindeer, but the birth of Jesus Christ. I have three reasons why I think the Starbucks red cup controversy is absolutely absurd.

-5First, Starbucks has never hidden the fact that they are not a Christian based company, and they are not ashamed to say their views about that. So I do not understand why Christians get so angry at the fact that Starbucks is not being festive about a holiday that they have openly not endorsed.

If you have a problem with the way they operate, don’t support them, but don’t expect them to care about what you have to say especially when it comes to religion.

Secondly, Christians should calm down and see they are fighting for a cup that is decorated in nothing that represents the true meaning of Christmas. To me, the red cup represents the blood of Jesus Christ who was born on Christmas morning and who was sent to shed His blood for our sins and give us eternal life.

For non-believers, red and green are the traditional colors of the Christmas season. So the red cups with the green Starbucks logo is very representative of the holiday spirit.

Third, a controversy is blowing up on social media about a cup. A cup. If people do not like the cup or what it stands for, they should not support it and buy the coffee. It is as simple as that.

Also, some Christians are trying to start a movement that has them changing their names to “Merry Christmas,” so when a barista calls out their names at Starbucks, they are forcing them to wish them a Merry Christmas.

They are lashing out at the people who work for Starbucks who might celebrate Christmas in a similar way. The employees have no choice about what their company policies are, and they should not be forced to say anything.

In my opinion, Christians should be more concerned about showing God’s love and not lashing out at someone for not believing the same way they do. Everyone should sit back, enjoy the holiday festivities and not be so sensitive.

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