Opinion: Have a politically correct Christmas

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Even though Christmas is right around the corner, angry Starbucks customers would rather focus on a red cup.

Starbucks released their holiday drinks on Nov. 3 this year, and ever since, a hostile uproar about the new cups has been the talk of the nation.

In prior years, the holiday cups at Starbucks were festively decorated with snowmen, reindeer, and many other Christmas themed items.

red cups over the years

This year, the Starbucks vice president of design and content decided to go with a simplistic theme featuring a solid red cup with their green logo.

Since this is the year of controversies, Starbucks customers began to complain about the lack of holiday cheer on their cups. Some frequent customers accused the coffee company of being overly politically correct and claimed they are aiming to destroy Christmas.

If a $5, non-decorated, red coffee cup is going to ruin your Christmas, then you might want to look into the meaning of Christmas itself.

Instead of worrying about a design on a paper cup that is going to get thrown away, people should be concentrating on what presents they will be getting for family and friends.

Republican candidate Donald Trump suggested that people should boycott Starbucks for the lack of Christmas decoration. One person also posted a video on social media stating that Starbucks hates Jesus, and that is the reason why the cups are plain red.

People hating Starbucks for the new cups started a hashtag on Twitter – #MerryChristmasStarbucks – in order to slam the company’s reputation. People who agree the red cup controversy is a waste of time also started a Twitter hashtag – #ItsJustACup.

On the plus side, Starbucks gained even more revenue from this controversy. Since everyone was posting and talking about it on social media, more people purchased coffee from this company in order to check the cups out for themselves.

There are many other problems in the world that are worse than not having a cartoon decoration on your paper cup. Some people don’t even have money to buy food, let alone pay $5 for a grande peppermint mocha.

People really need to give thanks for the things they have in life, rather than worry about something that will be in your hand for 10 minutes before thrown in the trash.

Give thanks this holiday season and spread some Christmas cheer, after Thanksgiving of course.

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