Opinion: Student opinion about the recent flag decision at Ole Miss


Courtney Kamm

It has been a few weeks since the University of Mississippi decided to remove the Mississippi flag from campus. We asked students what they think about the removal of the flag.

Hernando native Blake Lowrie is a sophomore at Ole Miss.

“The Mississippi State flag represents my home, where I am from, and who I am,” Lowrie said when asked what the flag meant to him. “I completely understand everyone’s different point of view about the flag and why they think it should come down, but I don’t think the choice to remove or change the flag should be given to people who are not from Mississippi, or those who do not permanently live here.”

Mallori Hamilton was raised most of her life in a small town right outside of Chicago. When asked her opinion on the subject, she compared this event to the removal of the Illinois flag and how she would feel if that happened.

“I think any state flag is simply a symbol of pride, just like a mascot to a school or university,” Hamilton said. “I would be very upset if someone was trying to change or remove the Illinois flag, because that represents the state I am proud to say I am from. It is easy to focus on the bad things that happened in the South, but that’s history, and you can’t change history by just taking down a flag.”

Ingrid Valbuena is an Ole Miss student from Maracaibo, Venezuela.

“For me, the Mississippi State flag is just a representation of the state it comes from. I have no personal connections to it or it’s meanings because I am not from here,” said Valbuena.

“After a year in the university, I have seen how welcoming this campus is and how hard Ole Miss has worked to make this place a home for everyone. If this flag turns campus into an unwelcoming place for some students, then it does not belong here.”

Valbuena added that she was represented in the senate as a student, and that she did indeed vote to remove the flag from the Ole Miss campus.

“I feel like this campus will become a more welcoming place for all students,” she said. “The characteristics this university stands for will remain the same no matter what is decided for the flag. Since it was the students’ overall decision to remove the flag, I think the reaction to the decision made will be a very positive one.”

A symbol of pride or a symbol of a brutal past, the Mississippi State flag continues to raise discussion every time it flies


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