University of Mississippi graduate is turning a dollar into a dream as co-creator of the FoxTrot Collection


Nathan Carr
Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal


A university of Mississippi graduate is working to pay the bills while dreaming of becoming a successful fashion designer.

If you visit Taylor Bend Apartments in Oxford, chances are you will be greeted by Assistant Manager Brandon Brannon, 31.

Brannon, along with Brandon McClellan and Jawan Elliott, is co-creator of FoxTrot Collection. The Oxford-based company is a men’s clothing line with signature shirts, hats and socks.

The company’s motto was partially inspired by the military background of McClellan and Elliot. The FoxTrot Facebook website reads: “For years, the military has carried a reputation of being an admirable force, training soldiers not only to fight and protect our beloved country, but to also be well-kept, uniformed, dress-right individuals.

“As a company, FoxTrot wants to take that military precision mindset and equip our customers with a more modern, fashion-forward attire to gain a lasting identity, self-respect and respect from others. As we all know in fashion, looking the part is only half the battle.”

When Brannon isn’t working on fashion designs or thinking of ways to promote the clothing line, he is well known as a friendly face at the apartment complex. “My residents come straight in the door asking, ‘Where is Brandon?’ he said.

The Oxford native attended Lafayette High School and graduated from the University of Mississippi in 2007 after earning two bachelor’s degrees in fashion merchandising and liberal arts with minors in art history, Southern studies and theatre.


In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, painting and designing apparel.

“Management is to pay the bills,” said Brannon, who enjoys his job at Taylor Bend. “With the team I have the privilege to be around daily, we have worked proficiently boosting our management skills to be the best we can be.”

Brannon’s coworker and manager, Ashlynn Champion, said Brannon is inspiring. “The enthusiasm of Brandon sparks the day and sets the mood,” she said, adding that he is witty, silly and has the ability to make friends easily.

Champion said she’s also a fan of the FoxTrot Collection. “I just bought a shirt and wore it all day at work yesterday,” she said.  “I have ordered several hats from him and wear them often.”

Brannon serves as creative director for FoxTrot. His responsibilities include creating marketing opportunities and giving advice about designs. His partners are also UM graduates with degrees in psychology and business.

Brannon said the key to success in any business is trust. “Personal relationships with your clients tend to initiate trust,” he said, “and once that’s established, a bond can’t be broken.”




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