Ole Miss student helps lead campus through ASB

Sarah Henderson

College students at the University of Mississippi can all agree that the campus offers many exciting fundraisers and events, but they may not know who puts in all of the hard work.

The Associated Student Body is behind the scenes during all of the university’s events, elections, fundraisers, and violation cases to help make the university’s student life run as smoothly as possible.

Mobile, Alabama native Bea Tisher is a sophomore accounting major at UM. Tisher spends most of her time volunteering on campus and making sure UM is a positive place for students, faculty, and alumni alike.

Tisher is involved in many organizations, but she really enjoys devoting her time to the Associated Student Body. ASB allows students and faculty to have a voice on campus, and sponsors many campus events. This is Tisher’s second year as an ASB member.

“ASB is an organization devoted to serving the Ole Miss family,” she said. “We genuinely want students to reach out to us and let us know how to make Ole Miss a better school for everyone.”

Tisher was interested in joining ASB as soon as she heard about the organization. In high school, she was involved in the Alabama Youth Government Program, a program that helps students learn about government. Her senior year, she served as the Alabama youth Chief Justice and presided over mock judicial trials.

“Student government was a huge part of my high school career, and I wanted to  carry that into my time at Ole Miss,” she said. “Once I learned about ASB from an older friend of mine, I knew I needed to fill out the application.”

There are many different committees that make up ASB, but Tisher is currently a member of Judicial Council where she handles student issues that are non-academic.

Sexual assault on campus, vandalism of university property, alcohol violations, and fraternity and sorority life conflicts are just a few of the cases that the Judicial Council presides over. Tisher is not permitted to talk about specific cases on campus, but does work on many cases during a normal week.


Tisher working on ASB plans in the office

“I really enjoy working on all of the cases that I am assigned to,” she said. “Some of them are really serious and sometimes really difficult to talk about, such as sexual assault accusations, but some of them are also really entertaining. You would be surprised by the kinds of creative excuses people have told me to avoid getting into trouble with the university.”

Punishment for a non-academic violation varies, and the Judicial Council helps to decide the fate of the violator. In most cases, violations are not huge, but in the event of a sexual assault case, the punishment can be severe.

“We decide on the punishment based on the crime,” she said. “We are really just here to make sure that all Ole Miss students feel safe. In a sexual assault case, we do everything that we can to make sure that the victim feels comfortable around campus.”

Tisher is also in charge of helping make sure that all campus elections are run as fair as possible. Katherine Sistrunk, a sophomore public policy major and fellow ASB member, helps Tisher make sure all campaigns are kept clean.

“I walk around campus making sure that everyone is campaigning by the rules,” Sistrunk said, “and then if I see any type of violation, I send them to Bea, who is on Judicial Council.”

Tisher and Sistrunk met one another through ASB and have been friends since. They both believe ASB has made a positive impact on their college lives, and they are more well rounded people because of it.

“I met Bea during our freshman year,” Sistrunk said. “We had both just signed up for ASB, and we both did not know too many other people on campus. ASB broke us out of our shell. It’s cool to meet people with the same type of interests as you, and that’s how me and Bea became friends.”

Tisher has a passion for ASB that goes way beyond just being involved. She believes that ASB is an integral part in making the University of Mississippi the best campus that it can be.

She leads volunteer programs, helps run different events and fundraisers, and welcomes all incoming freshman with open arms. Tisher’s love for Ole Miss and its student body can be seen by all of those around her.

Turner Linginfelter, Tisher’s friend and roommate, says Tisher is always looking for ways to better the Ole Miss campus, even if it’s in a small way.

“Bea will come home, and she’ll be talking about all of the stuff that she has to do for ASB, but she never complains about it,” Linginfelter said. “She always talks about the different ideas she has for an event or a fundraiser. She can’t talk about her judicial cases with us, but she will tell us how interesting they are and how much she loves being apart of them.”

FullSizeRender 7.jpg

Tisher showing fellow peer, Maggie Kelley, around campus.



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