Ole Miss sophomore working to promote new sports app FanNav


Zach Hartzer

A University of Mississippi sophomore from Greenville, South Carolina, is interning with a tech startup company that has created a new sports app.

As a child, Jonas Mullins – a South Carolina native and an integrated marketing communication major, loved sports and dreamed of having a business career in the sports industry.

Today, he interns for a company that has created FanNav, an app that enables users to capture and preserve memories from TV and live sporting events.

“The app combines aspects of social media with sports and keeps the user more connected,” he said.

According to the FanNav Facebook page, the app is described as a tool to capture sporting experiences. It helps fans remember the outcomes of every game they’ve watched, their favorite teams and players performances, and the emotions they felt during the game.

While using the app, a person can capture moments from a game and share them on social media outlets. FanNav wants to reach college fans, and they are doing this by hiring students like Mullins.

His official title is campus ambassador, and he is the sole FanNav employee at Ole Miss. His responsibilities are to promote corporate partnership, work with the Ole Miss marketing department, keep in contact with the athletic department, and get Greek organizations involved.

“My main mission is to market the app/company as much as possible,” he said. “I want to get the company name out to the public, and the only way to do that is to get involved with the community.”

Mullins promotes the app by setting up deals at bars and Greek life events. He also works to establish relationships with members of the athletic department.

“This is one of the cooler parts of the job because I have the opportunity to meet some people directly involved with sports,” he said, “and, hopefully, I will get to meet some of the players as well.”

Mullins has worked on getting a geo tag for Snapchat set up for the app. Mullins said his goal is to reach Ole Miss students and everyone in the Lafayette-Oxford-University community.

“It’s a good opportunity to see what I would be doing with my major,” he said, “and having these connections will be a big help after I graduate and am looking for work.”

Chayce Torres, a close friend of Mullins, said Jonas is working toward his goals. “Its nice seeing Jonas taking initiative and slowly building a resume for his life after school,” he said.

Mullins said his work with the company has not gone unnoticed and members of his fraternity are trying to get involved.

“I am so glad that I was able to get this internship because it is a good way to prepare for the business world,” he said.

Mullins plans on graduating in May of 2019 and wants to go to graduate school. He is also interested in law school.


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