Ole Miss students offer opinions about businesses needed in Oxford


File photo from Oxford Stories.

By Calyn Hoerner

With the freshman class expanding every year at the University of Mississippi, Oxford is an ever-growing city. As new students flood Oxford every fall, some hope  specific businesses will come to the area.

Dick’s Sporting Goods and Marshalls will open this fall, but some Ole Miss students have other requests.

“We need a Chipotle,” said Lexi Hayes, a UM sophomore. “I always go there back home. It’s just so quick and easy, and the food tastes great. It would make me very happy.”


Lexi Hayes wants Chipotle to come to Oxford. Photo by Calyn Hoerner.

Chipotle is a Mexican restaurant that offers many food combinations. Customers can build their own burrito, burrito bowl or quesadilla. Recently, Chipotle added a delivery option specifically for college towns. This is attractive to UM students because getting anything similar to Chipotle delivered to their door is costly.

“Target is something I have missed since I got to Oxford,” said Meryl McDaniel, a UM student and a lifeguard at the Turner Center. “I’m so used to having a Target right next to me back home, so it was strange when I came to Ole Miss and didn’t have one.”


Meryl McDaniel would like to see a Target store open in Oxford. Photo by Calyn Hoerner

Target is a department store that features food, clothing and home decor items, among other things.

“I know that freshman year, a lot of out-of-state students, including myself, waited to buy most of their dorm room needs once they got into Oxford in order to reduce the cost of moving everything,” said McDaniel, who moved to Oxford from Illinois. “Target has great, and cute, dorm supplies, so it would definitely do well during the school year. They also have good apartment and kitchen things at an affordable price. They are perfect for college towns.”

McDaniel said other Oxford stores don’t have the selection of home decor Target has, so many students shop online.

“When I was shopping for my apartment, I found something I really loved from Bed, Bath and Beyond,” said Shannon Hendricks, a UM sophomore, “but the closest store was in Memphis. It just wasn’t worth it to me.

“Bed, Bath and Beyond offers so many products that every college student needs for their home. It is common for students to move to a new apartment complex every year, so naturally they are going to need some new things.”


Shannon Hendricks thinks the Oxford community would benefit from a Bed, Bath and Beyond. Photo by Calyn Hoerner.

Bed, Bath and Beyond offers a large variety of bathroom, bedroom and kitchen supplies. Hendricks said it’s hard to find a local store that offers all of those products at once. She said you can also find a wider selection of bedding there.

“We really need a Publix,” said Ashlee Thompson, a UM sophomore. “At home in Atlanta, I went to Publix all the time. I really trust them. They have a great produce section and a fantastic bakery. You could always find what you needed at Publix. Also, they make the best subs (sandwiches). I have never had a sub better than the ones I used to have at the Publix. I live by that place.”


Atlanta native Ashlee Thompson misses the Publix she had at home. Photo by Calyn Hoerner

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