Bim Bam Burgers named after ‘Hotty Toddy’ chant expanding locations

Owen Howland

Originally called Christy’s, Yerby Weaver – one of the restaurant’s two owners – created an improved menu with a new name to start a chain restaurant in July of 2012. Bim Bam Burgers, located on Jackson Ave. W., has spread to New Albany, Batesville and is soon to be in Hernando.

“We just came in, re-reciped, operated under Christy’s for a month or two, then realized the name was horrible,” he said.

The new restaurant name comes from the Ole Miss “Hotty Toddy” chant, giving the restaurant team spirit. Under Weaver’s ownership, the business has grown, serving more customers than he expected.

“Four years ago, we were lucky to get 40 people in here,” Weaver said. “Last night, I had 310 people come. We’ve increased business by 400 times since we’ve opened up. We’ve been blessed.”

Ole Miss football fans can’t resist a burger from Bim Bam. “On game weekends, we’re averaging about 700 to 800 people,” he said. “All our biggest SEC games are when we get the biggest crowds.”

It’s rare that Bim Bam Burgers sees a quiet work day, even when all of the students are on summer break. “We have awesome community support, so even when students are gone, locals definitely come and support us,” Weaver said.

Competing in the food industry is difficult, but Weaver said he knows how to make the best burger in town. “I get fresh ingredients,” he said. “There’s nothing frozen, and I think that’s what makes the difference. We just get raw material, and everyone’s trained to cook it a certain way.”

Weaver knows there’s still room for improvement. “We’ve talked about expanding the menu a little bit,” he said. “I wish we could charge cheaper prices, but when you get fresh food, it’s more expensive than getting frozen stuff. I’d rather serve quality than quantity.”

Having Rebel Rags in the same plaza, and Walmart close by, Weaver said he understands he was fortunate getting the restaurant location. “Literally everyone who comes to town passes by here,” he said. “We cannot beat our location.”

Weaver is overjoyed with how far Bim Bam Burgers has come, considering none of this was his intention. “To be honest, when I came here, I had no knowledge of restaurants at all,” he said. “My dad owns a heating company up in Memphis, so that’s what I did my whole life. I was born and raised a Rebel fan through my dad. It was the perfect opportunity to get out of Memphis and be around the school that I love.”

Weaver is confident that the restaurant will continue to grow. For now, he’s plans to keep making customers happy and the food better.

Lewis Bulivant, a University of Mississippi sophomore, ate at Bim Bam Burgers for the first time recently. “I’ve always seen it when I drove down Jackson Avenue, but I just never bothered to get food there,” he said. “Everyone told me I had to try one of their burgers, so I finally did.”

Bulivant approves. “For a big burger, it’s cheaper than going to a sit-down restaurant, and tastes way better than a fast-food burger,” he said. “I will definitely be coming here more often.”

Bim Bam Burgers is one of many restaurants that works with Landshark Delivery in Oxford, but they also deliver themselves for a cheaper price. They have an app that enables customers to order from their phone.

The chain could move to other regions of the United States in the future. Weaver is proud of his success, and hopes to spread the taste throughout the country.

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