Ebeneezer-Goodman band moves from covers to original music


The band Ebeneezer-Goodman catches up with Oxford Police Department officers after a garage “jam sesh.”

Will Morrison

A local cover band comprised of University of Mississippi students continues to gain popularity in Oxford and throughout Mississippi and Alabama, and they’ve begun to create their own original tunes.

Ebeneezer-Goodman includes Avery Goodman on bass, Andy Shine and Caleb Coller on guitar, and John Brahan on drums. The band has downsized since last year, but its fan base continues to grow.

“The biggest changes over the last year are the band’s vision and the loss of some members,” Brahan said. “We don’t want to just be a cover band.”

While playing at venues in Mississippi and Alabama, each band member must also balance school, and Coller and Shine are both pre-med majors.

“The hardest part of living both lives is balancing your passion with what is expected from you in class,” said Brahan, who is studying public policy and theatre and plays a major roll in his fraternity’s philanthropies.


From left, Avery Goodman shreds alongside Caleb Coller. Photo by Will Morrison.

Goodman, the youngest band member, is a finance major who brings the “funk” with his enthusiastic bass style.

Shine said band members work around school and other commitments. “Whenever there is a conflict, or one of the guys calls in, it is never really a problem,” said Shine. “We normally will put whatever the band is doing on hold for a couple weeks to get on top of our school work. Nobody ever has a hard feeling about it either. We all understand what we have to do.”

Brahan said being in the band has made him a better student. “By learning how to manage my time between the two, I have really learned how to manage the stress,” he said.

Coller said band members question whether they are in over their heads every day. “But in the end, we keep our heads in it, and nothing but good comes out,” he said.

He said the band plays one show a week when they are doing philanthropy concerts and usually two to three times a month around Oxford. They recently opened for The Vegabonds for the fourth time in Starkville.

“We have started to change from covers to originals, which is really awesome,” Coller said.


A little rest and relaxation and discussion of original music after a night of rehearsal. Photo by Will Morrison.




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