Oxford gas station restaurant is a favorite of celebrities and Ole Miss Rebels

img_0013Alec Keyzer-Andre

Sometimes, small, hidden restaurants provide the best food. B’s Hickory Smoked BBQ began as a mom-and-pop house restaurant in Holly Springs and eventually moved to Pontotoc, Batesville, finally settling in Oxford.

Stella Gordon and Jennifer Wood have both worked with the restaurant more than 10 years, and they’ve had their share of celebrity encounters. Morgan Freeman, the entire Manning family, and multiple NFL players are a few of their customers.

This restaurant located on the corner of a Shell station at 825 College Hill Rd. might be a bit challenging to find if you’re a tourist and don’t know your way around, but if you do, it is a hot spot for celebrities and locals.

In the popular movie “The Blind Side” about an Ole Miss football player, there are indirect references to B’s BBQ.

“During the movie, when they mention the best gas station BBQ, they were … referencing our restaurant,” said Gordon.

Wood said the last location the business was at in another town did not receive a lot of business, but since moving to Oxford, business has been great.


The various choices at B’s BBQ. Taken By: Alec Keyzer-Andre

“If I had to choose my one favorite thing off of the menu, it would most definitely be the ribs,” said Gordon.

For Wood, it’s the brisket, “but during the winter, it would be the vegetable beef soup.”

B’s BBQ special includes a BBQ sandwich, one side, and a drink for $6.50. “We sell lots of BBQ specials, but the most popular item on the menu is the ribs,” said Gordon.

Gordon said she gets to work at 5 a.m. every morning to make breakfast for Oxford Police Department officers who visit regularly.

“One of my favorite things that we used to do is cater the Ole Miss football team after each game,” she said. “It was great that we got to meet all the players and coaches.”

A few football players still visit B’s BBQ after a game. “Coach Freeze still visits sometimes, and he’s a real nice and great guy,” said Gordon.


Outside of B’s BBQ. Taken By: Alec Keyzer-Andre

Gordon had to evacuate New Orleans 10 years ago because of Hurricane Katrina. She contacted her sister who lived in Oxford, who helped her get the restaurant job.

“It is a great job,” she said. “I really enjoy the environment, and who wouldn’t want to smell good country food all day.”




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