Parking Lot Rage

Parking Lot Rage

Hawk Woodall


People everywhere have different ideas and different backgrounds, but all car owners know one thing, that parking can be a serious problem. This issue is extremely so in Oxford Mississippi, but specifically on Ole Miss’s campus.

img_1864Many different students in oxford wanted to talk about their parking issues this year some were mild while others more extreme. Zach Greene, a freshman here on campus said: “I don’t even have a spot near my dorm and I was on the website trying to get a pass ten minutes after the site opened!”

Greene went on to say that “there are only thirty spots by my place and I completely missed my window and I was only ten minutes late! How does that happen?”

Greene brought up a fair point but it’s hard to tell if this is a parking issue or an overcrowding issue; This could, however, be both, maybe the Ole Miss hasn’t accounted for a large number of incoming freshman.

The biggest and most frequent Issue that was brought Up, however, was that parking issues made studentimg_1865s miss class.

Connor Steptoe had a story that several others that were interviewed said the same or a similar story.  “I go to class the same time every week and I park in the same spot every time” Steptoe stated.

“I show up at the same time and now my spots were gone, so now I drive around for 20 min looking for a spot before my class starts, I found one but by that point, I was 15 minutes late already”

A more extreme story, however, was told by Hunter Harrell, a student here. “A buddy of mine wasn’t coming back to school here and already bought a pass, I talked to him and we talked to the school about me buying his pass” Harrell said.

Harrell went on to say “So I buy the pass and use it for awhile, then one day they go on and boot my car and put 200 dollars worth of tickets on her”

Harrell then went to clear up the issue with the parking office. “when I went up to the office they told me I could buy someone else’s pass, then I told her we talked to someone here and they said we could”

Harrell continued to talk about how rude the woman at the office was and he quoted her as saying “I didn’t say you could”.

Harrell later paid his fines and got the boot removed but was forced to buy a Park n’ Ride sticker for his car to remove the boot. “She made me buy the Park n’ Ride pass even though I told her I just wanted to pay the fines and ride the bus from then on.”

The parking situation is a serious problem for all students which we can fairly safely assume is being fixed or at least addressed. The amount of construction all over the Ole Miss campus could mean the possible construction of better parking or as minimum more spots.