Krystal manager says restaurant going strong since opening last year


Mac Hinojos

Growing up, some of us may recall our parents opting out of making dinner and picking up fast food for the family. Those memories may turn into cravings for food we enjoyed eating as a kid.

Fast food cravings tend to strike us at the most inconvenient time of the day. Whether it’s during a 11 o’clock literature class, or at midnight any day of the week, Ole Miss student Reagan Smith often experiences cravings for a specific fast food restaurant in Oxford – Krystal at 420 Hwy. 6 W.

Krystal, a fast food restaurant chain, opened its doors to the Oxford community on July 29, 2015. Since then, it has been a popular spot for many.

“The first time I ate Krystal was in New Orleans freshman year,” said Smith, a Dallas native. “It was delicious, just as good as Whataburger or Canes, [my other favorite restaurants]. So, when I found out about them coming to Oxford, I was so excited and couldn’t wait.”


Krystal’s unique hamburger and chicken sliders are some foods you won’t find anywhere else in Oxford. Manager Dona Gipson, an Oxford native, believes Krystal is making an impact on the Oxford community even though it’s only been open for a little more than a year.

“I absolutely enjoy my job here at Krystal,” said Gipson, “It is always good to see many new faces come through here each week. I take pride in working with this restaurant because we strive to serve the best food obtainable, provide excellent service, and ultimately offer the most affordable prices.”

The fast food franchise is located in many cities throughout the United States. The first restaurant opened in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1932.

“The service is always amazing, and they prepare the food pretty fast,” said Smith. “The workers seem to enjoy their jobs, and I think that is what makes them such hard workers back there behind the counter.”

Gibson said many college students eat at Krystal because it’s affordable.

“Here in Oxford, the majority of our customers are college students,” said Gipson. “I understand college students are short on cash, so this is the perfect restaurant for them to open up in Oxford. They come in here because of the clean facility, inexpensive prices, and the quality of our food.”

When it approaches lunch time, Krystal provides service to many construction workers.

“We experience [an abundance] of construction workers around lunch time who work just off of Highway 6,” said Gipson. “A lot of the time, we recognize regulars, which makes my job fun, because I am able to develop relationships with customers behind the counter.”

Gipson comes to work about 5 a.m. every day to prepare for breakfast.

“A lot of customers are unaware that we serve breakfast, and we offer a wide variety of food on our breakfast menu,” she said. “…After breakfast, we prepare for lunch, which we serve all day.”


Despite having a comfortable working environment, Gipson said she faces many challenges running a fast food restaurant.

“It’s not always fun and games because of the hard work my coworkers and myself put into the restaurant,” said Gipson. “We try to offer the best service we can, and sometimes it can be stressful.

“Each one of my employees, as well as my self, hold each other accountable everyday and help each other through everyday work struggles. However, the challenges make me a better manager and brighten up my day sometimes. Despite the challenges, though, this job is extremely rewarding, and I’m blessed to help offer the Oxford area quality fast food.”




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