LuLu’s Shoes & Accessories continues to grow in Oxford


Robin Russel checks customers out at the store. Photo by Amanda Hirschfeld

Amanda Hirschfeld

An Oxford shoes and accessories shop that has grown from one employee to 16 in the past six years continues to bring unique items to the Square.

LuLu’s Shoes & Accessories at 265 North Lamar, Suite V, in  Oxford has been helping Oxford residents accessorize for the past six years. The store recently added Birkenstock and OTBT shoe lines.

“I think the people who work here really like working here, and you can tell that when you walk in,” said Corinne Jackson,  Clinton native and owner of LuLu’s.

As a child, Jackson and her sister grew up playing together. Now, they run the store together. While Jackson is better working behind the scenes, her sister is better at selling retail.

“We just played outside all the time” Jackson said, recalling her childhood. “We were always in the front yard or the backyard, just always outside.”

Jackson met her husband while attending UM in 1998, and they were married in 2000. She stayed home with her children for about eight years, then opened Lulu’s when her youngest child was in kindergarten.

Along with her sister and one part-time employee, Jackson started the store in July of 2010. Their employee count rose that fall from a single employee to three.

“I do the books, payroll, all those types of things,” Jackson said. “I make sure all of our receiving is all done, so any inventory we receive goes through me first.”

Jackson is also in charge of scheduling when items need to be restocked and managing the 16 employees they now have on staff. She said the most difficult part of her job is deciding what to order at market and scheduling deliveries. “Probably the most complicated part is organizing your inventory orders ahead of time,” she said.

The biggest problem her business faces is space. “We don’t have a big enough backroom,” she said. “We use the basement downstairs, and it just gets full of stuff.”

Robin Russel, a sophomore exercise science major at the University of Mississippi, has been an employee at Lulu’s for a little over a year.

Displays in the store. By Amanda Hirschfeld

Displays in the store. Photo by Amanda Hirschfeld.

“Sometimes when I come into work, I can sticker stuff, check people out, and I love it when people bring in their outfits and match up jewelry and shoes,” she said, explaining what she does daily. Russel said jewelry is her favorite thing.

Jackson offered the following business advice. “Don’t react to a situation immediately,” she said. “Give it some time … Think about it, then deal with the problem.”

It’s also important to know when to let someone else take on a task, she said. Time management is important.


Sign in front of the store. Photo by Amanda Hirschfeld.



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