‘Nathan1463’ one of Instagram’s newest art stars

Amanda Hill

Instagram has a new art star. Nathan Eisenhut, a University of Mississippi transfer student, brought his love of art with him from Chicago.

“When it comes to how exactly I got started doing art, there isn’t really a definitive moment in time that I think of,” said the junior. “In a way, it’s just something that I’ve always done. For as long as I can remember, I’ve just been scribbling away any chance I got.”


Portrait of artist Nathan Eisenhut. Photo by Amanda Hill.

Some people tend to lose their passions after beginning their college or university careers due to a time-consuming work load. Instead, Eisenhut has created even more art than usual. This led him to create an Instagram account for his work called “nathan1463” that features many of his creative pieces.

“When it comes to the Instagram account, I decided to start posting my work as a way of expressing myself and keeping track of all the mundane pieces of art that I was doing nearly every day,” he said.


Photo by Amanda Hill

The account is growing in popularity and already has a following of nearly 800 people.

Eisenhut has a unique artistic process. Unlike most artists, he doesn’t specifically set aside time from his day to draw.

Recently, as he was waiting on a friend at a fountain, he began sketching. After only 10 minutes, the result was a nearly photo realistic drawing of the campus scene.

Eisenhut said most people create pieces to tell a story or convey profound meaning. For him, it’s more visual. He enjoys creating something that is enjoyable and captivating to the eye.

Roomate and friend Shane Norris said Eisenhut’s art is expressive and playful. “It covers all different aspects and themes,” he said. “He is creative, plain and simple. There seems to be nothing he can’t draw.”

Eisenhut has considered selling his artwork. “It isn’t something I would be opposed to doing in the future,” he said.

Lately, he’s enjoyed graphic design, and it may be a way he can combine his love of technology, business and art.

“Overall, I would say that I definitely want to keep up with art and/or have art be related to what I do in someway,” he said. “Art has always been a part of my life ever since I was a little kid. Art has just been something that defines me, and I never want to give that up.”


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