Ole Miss junior launches jewelry business from her dorm room


Jane DeCleva

Marielle Dupre Mosley is a University of Mississippi junior from Dallas with an eye for design. The idea for her booming jewelry business started in her Ole Miss dorm.

“My biggest supporters would be my family and close friends,” said Mosely. “They help me all the time, whether it’s with advice or helping package orders when there are a lot.”

Mosely has been hand-making jewelry for years and has her own website, where one can find a variety of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and chokers. Her jewelry account on Instagram (dupredesigns) displays the entire jewelry collection. Friends and fellow students at the University of Mississippi model her pieces.


“I never realized how hard being your own boss is,” said Mosely. “You are responsible for so many factors. A lot of people have the idea that being the boss means more time off, better pay, but it’s a lot more work. Challenges would be managing a business with school, and trying to have a life and enjoy college. It’s a lot of responsibility and time commitment.”

Mosely uses an assortment of coins, fine beads, pearls, leather, tassels, stone and gold in her designs. Countless orders and support from friends and family helped her launch Dupre Designs.

Mosely has business representatives working at other colleges who host parties that show and sell her collection. She understand her market and how to achieve the perfect bohemian and beachy look that her clients love. Each product is packaged with care and includes her card.


“I first realized that the business was really taking off two summers ago when one of my necklaces overnight went viral and sold completely out,” she said. “I was getting tons of emails about future necklaces and restocks. From then on, I had a steady amount of orders and customers buying from my store.”

Friend and roommate Kylie Hobson said Mosely kept all of her supplies in their apartment and worked diligently when orders came in.

“The workload never discourages her, and she always remains professional,” Hobson said. “I can’t believe she can pull it all off. We have had a lot of fun helping package jewelry, taking pictures for the website and social media accounts. …I’m really proud of her and know she’s going to go far and succeed with this and whatever she decides to do in the future.”

Today, Mosely continues to come up with new ideas for her jewelry pieces, and Dupre Designs has gone farther than she imagined. Many of her pieces can be spotted by girls on campus.Save


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