Oxford Stories reporters cover the presidential election

osnewlogoBy LaReeca Rucker
Support Journalism Instructor

While school is in session this semester, it’s possible that Oxford Stories has the largest (part-time) newsroom in the state. That’s why it’s important for our reporters to cover a variety of stories, from features to the presidential election.

Today, students have been asked to interview University of Mississippi students, faculty and Oxford citizens about Election 2016. In class, they were divided into eight election coverage teams and asked to interview one person, asking one of eight questions about the election that will become stories for our site this week.

Tonight, Oxford Stories reporters will be watching the presidential debate, taking notes and writing their thoughts about it.

Here’s a look at what our election coverage teams are asking and the stories they are working on.

redRed Team: Who do you plan to vote for and why? Do you think your vote will make a difference? Why or why not?

orangeOrange Team: What do you think are some of the biggest issues America is facing? Do you think either presidential candidate can help solve those issues? Why or why not?

yellowYellow Team: This is the first election in which many college students will vote. Do you think young people care about the presidential election? Do you think many of them will vote or will not vote? Why or why not?

greenGreen Team: What are your thoughts on the vice presidential running mates? What do you think they will bring to their respective presidential candidate and to the U.S. in that role?

blueBlue Team: Would you vote for a third-party candidate? Do you think it’s a good idea? If yes, who? If no, who will you vote for instead? Why?

indigoIndigo Team: Do you think sexism has played a role in this election? What about xenophobia, (an intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries)? Why or why not?

purpleViolet Team: Why is Hillary Clinton the right or wrong candidate for president?

pinkPink Team: Why is Donald Trump the right or wrong candidate for president?


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