Some UM students prefer VP running mates to presidential candidates


Wade Wood

By Alexa Almaguer, Claudia Caplinger and Alec Keyzer-Andre


The last presidential debate put the focus of the election back on candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but the men they have chosen as vice presidential running mates will also be an important part of American leadership.

In the third story of an election coverage series, Oxford Stories reporters randomly interviewed students on campus to ask their thoughts about vice presidential running mates Tim Kaine and Mike Pence. What could the two bring to their respective presidential candidates and to the U.S. in the VP role?

University of Mississippi junior Ann Olivia Spragins, who is studying elementary education, initially acknowledged she didn’t know who Kaine and Pence were. But after reviewing the candidates, she said she believes Pence helps Trump’s campaign. “Donald Trump’s (running mate) brings political experience, since Trump was a reality star,” she said. “I would prefer that Kaine not become vice-president.”

UM student Anyslie Fritz is a chemical engineering major who said she’s “not that interested in politics,” but she shared opinions about Pence and Kaine. “I think Mike Pence and Tim Kaine are both another Joe Biden …not really capable,” she said. “I also believe Mike Pence was the GOP’s ‘Hail Mary’ on having a strong Republican candidate.”

Fritz said she isn’t sure what they add to the election. “I don’t think they bring anything except for their name,” she said. “In fact, I haven’t heard much about them.”

UM student Wade Wood said he believes the vice presidents are “more level-headed than the actual presidents,” referring to the presidential candidates, “and are more focused on politics.”

Wood believes the vice presidential running mates are “better” than the actual candidates. “It seems to me that they have more political knowledge, and don’t seem to be so crazed with power,” Wood said. “The vice president’s role is very important in keeping the president on track and making sure that every decision made is one that can be respected. I think this election will be a wild roller coaster. I personally wish the vice presidents were running instead of the actual candidates.”





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